need surgery for tennis elbow anyone else ?

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    i saw dr. for my carpal...checked and said let's do a cortisone shot first, because then he can get a better idea of what my surgical outlook will be...if it helps then surgery will be advised....

    he noted how they tested me when i wasn't really working per se...

    told him about my school...and taking dragon speakingnaturally...he says he uses it as well...

    so he referred me to the orth doc on my elbow...he said no cast for 3 months...they zap the area...and as far as the other part of the elbow problem he said talk to that specailist for it....he didn't know what that was all about..

    he told me i wise trying to figure out what my body will tolerate after they fix me up...

    told him ideally i thought dental hygiene but w/the carpal and elbow it is out of the realm of possibility....

    not including the neck/back problems and the rest of the mess i have...

    but if i can not do that then i will need to focus on a psych major or something similar...

    so i get my cortison in my wrist thursday at 4 pm...i can't wait for that...sure it will hurt for a i need to use my hands for homework...ect...

    friday i have no school..or on the weekend...but still the same homework..

    now i have to quite smoking ...been another goal of mine again....i don't want to go under anthestic many risks for i deplore smoking in the first place...

    just giving you guys an update

    he also stated usually tennis elbow will go away on it's own w/i a year...but in my case it has not.

    i am kinda of excited to take the 50/50 chance that this procedure will help me...i don't know how much the recovery time is..he said it isn't that much down time...

    but i would like to try and do it over winter break if possible, cause these schools don't let you miss much class time...

    peace out

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    It's just me! Is this a Micro-surgery that they do so
    much these days? Probably an outpatient procedure? I
    know People that have had Knee surgery in that manner
    and recovered very quickly! Hope yours is such.

    Years ago when Rocky had surgery ( he can tell ya) they
    didn't have "antiseptics" so they just gave him a lea-
    ther belt to bite down on. It was like that scene from
    that movie with Bill Holden, John Wayne and Jennifer
    Jones when they were operating on the Civil War casualties
    in the make-shift hospital. "Just bite down on this lea-
    ther, soldier"! Ask Rocky!!

    Anyway, we have come a long way since then! Sure ya
    won't feel a thing! Wiff that bad elbow, am I gonna 1/2
    ta spoon feed ya when we go to lunch some day (soon)??

    "Talk" later, "K"?

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    I had tennis elbow of and off for several years before it became so bad that I went to the doc. specifically for it. I had tried all sorts of self-help stuff. so maybe tennis elbow does go away by itself, but in my case it came back worse each time.

    Finally, I had acupuncture for it. Over about 3 weeks, I had six treatments from a good acupuncturist, who was also a doctor. That was over 15 years ago. No tennis elbow since. Worth a try????
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    this has never gone away...and i tried acupuncture, 3 cortisone shorts and the darn of course, and the relafen, motrin and now i have been on lodine for about 2-3 weeks and nada...

    so elbow specialist appt on friday....

    just wonder if anyone has recently had any results good or bad...

    and mr. leather belts to bite on...

    i still have my hands...but those will get done sooner or later also...maybe both at the same time...

    i don't know exactly how and how long the recovery will take..
    but i hope i can use my hands for good uses in my future...

    it will be nice to take my own class..

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    I knew fight has been busy studying but she was poping
    in once in awhile to say hi. Haven't hear much at all
    since her friend passed away last week. Was just con-
    cerned that she may be having a tuff time with it!

    Maybe she will "hit" that Post with a reply and relieve
    our anxiety.

    Thanks Jodie,
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    i know he was really special to her...and then young..

  8. 69mach1

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    this has gone on far too long..and non resistant to p.t..that they gave...

    i will know more on friday...they may order mri or another xray...maybe bone chip in there i just don't anymore until i see the surgeon for that..

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    Jodie If you've never had an MRI of that elbow PLEASE be sure to get one before having any surgery! If there is a problem that can be seen on MRI it would be so much better for you and your doc to know what they were going in for. You know the routine-insist, insist, insist, and they'll do it to shut you up!