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    I am new here, so please forgive me if I do anything wrong.
    I have had CFS for a year now. I worked in the medical field and haven't been able to work since getting sick. I applied, and was turned down for my disability insurance (through work) and I am seeking information on CFS and wanted testimonies from you out there that know the hell I am experiencing. I know the effect it has on me and would appreciate some of your stories to include with mine.

    Also, if you have any advise, that would be great also!

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    Welcome aboard! There are a few great threads here on biographies about all of us who have suffered so long and so hard trying to gain acceptance and our health back. I believe there are well over 200 of them. If I were you I would do a search on "biographies" up top where it says "search messages". You should find quite a bit of ammunition there! Print them out and show them to your insurance company! Fight for your rights, and never give up!! Let us know how it goes!

    Sandy (FF)
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    You've come to the right spot...If fact, I believe their where several hundred tertimonies (biographies of peoples and how FM/CFIDS has changed their lives) were recently completed for a project that "Jellybelly" was working on. You might to contact her and ask her to email those to you. She shouldn't be hard to find. I almost always see postings from her on this board. Good luck and let me know if you find a good lawyer who has successfully won disability cases for people with CFIDS. I could use one.

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    Welcome to the board.
    If you look at the very top of this page, in purple you will find a tab that says "Disability". I read through this the other night, and thought the information was wonderful. There are about 4 links on that page that you can click, for great advice.
    Hope this helps---and again, Welcome!!
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    I filed for disability through my short term disability carrier through work. I also was denied, denied & denied. But, I didn't give up, after over one year they just contacted me three days ago and have finally agreed that yes, I am unable to work. I did not hire a lawyer, however I told them this last time that if I was denied again I was handing everything over to my Attorney and that not only would I be asking for my monthly disability amount but extra monetary awards for all the emotional stress they caused me & my family. The documentation that I sent them that probably made them change thier mind consisted of: a letter from the State Vocational Rehabilitation Department saying they were closing my file because it was apparent I was too disabled to work. Three letters from three different doctors stating I was unable to work, including sedentary work (that's one the insurance company's love to use). Also, a daily functional assessment form that my doctor filled out stating I could not sit, stand, bend, kneel, use hands or feet for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. I hope some of this will help you.