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    with all the different theories on how we got fm. i have had fm for 40 years. my daughter 44, her daughter26 and 18 have it. my other daughter 42 doesnot have any sign of fm. how can that be. we are not exposed to the samethings. does any one know anything about this. i would like to hear anything on this. thank you. little
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    fm very likely has a genetic component like many other diseases.

    my mom , while not dx, i believe has fm as i do. my brother doesnt have fm.

    it doesnt have to strike every daughter or son. there is a genetic predisposition and then an environmental trigger unleashes the beast. perhaps your daughter has not been exposed to her trigger yet and for her sake i hope she never is.

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    I can only speak for my own observations after experiencing, reading about and thinking about fm for over 20 years.

    I think that for some it may have a genetic component. In my case, I believe my maternal grandmother probaby had fm although she was diagnosed with rheumatism. I think diseases like rheumatism, arthritis and fm may skip a generation. My mother (and father) have not been afflicted with problems like those.

    I often wonder, in my case, if it hasn't had much to do with injuring my back when I was a kid that started the back problems that became apparent at 18, laminectomy at 28 and reflex sympathetic dystrophy at 40 and then a diagnosis of fm at 42. I used to ice skate and street skate a lot and fell many times very hard on my tailbone. By my mid-thirties, I had severe dengerative disk disease. My son also had severe disk disease by that age and was an avid skateboarder for years when he was a teenager. I've often felt that if you inure your spine, you may be in for a lifetime of pain.

    So, I guess I am wondering if there might be different reasons for different people or a combination of reasons sometimes as to why we are stricken with fm?

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    For different people it could be different reasons why.

    For some it may be hereditary. For others it could be a sudden onset of this for various reasons.

    This is sort of like any other disease or syndrome. Take for example diabetes. Some have it when young. Others develop it at leter years.

    For me I think it is due to many many things from my young years. When I was around 7, I stepped on a rusty nail and never told anyone, well several days later turned into a severe infection that required a 2 week hospital stay.

    Then a few years later, fell about 7 feet off a fence onto a sidewalk flat on my back. After not being able to catch my breath and literally crawling up the stairs to get into my home, I was able to breath normal and then again never told anyone what happend.

    a few years after that, my brother and I found some saw blades that go on the machine that pushes them back and forth, anyways we were throwing them around and I ended up with one in the side of my leg and it went in deep. pulled it out and slapped a big bandaid and gauze on it. Did not tell my mom at the time the truth of what happend.

    In between of of this, I have had several stitches and cuts (living in the city at a time when I guess it was socially acceptable to throw glass bottles around wherever folks wanted to).

    Now add to this several bouts of bronchitis and other feverish ailments when I would rather lay in bed covered with multple blankets then get up and go to the Dr's office. I guess I was a stubborn teen.

    So add all these things up, the body must have at some point just went into over drive and decided to keep fighting itself in fear of another "attack" on itself? If this makes sense?

    So for some it may be a genetic thing and others because of so many things we put ourselves and growing up in a time where I was told, "deal with it" or suck it up. I may only be 39, but still the 70s and 80's were not truly years of medical science researching and advancement years.