need tips on writing back to SSD-this is first denialefusal

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    I thought gettting a lawyer before I applied to SSD would get me right in the door. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! the denial was letter was a joke. they barely mentioned fibro-they said xrays done by their doctor said I didnt have arthritis that "seemed that bad". they said "I was somewhat depressed but it didnt seem that bad to them" they never mentioned the huge amounts of narcotic medication I take which includes morphine, percocet, etc taking that stuff is a disability in itself. how many denials will I get before I see a judge?

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    I think they have about 5 form letters of denial.

    Yours sounded very similar to mine. I was considered by them "somewhat" depressed. They had no idea how depressed I was. The same goes for the recognition of pain.

    The first denial is to be expected. Somehow some people manage to get approved the first time around. I am on the second try here and am waiting on a letter any day in the mail.

    As madwolf said..the three keywords are frequency, duration, and severity. (I ahve typoed so many times to this point I am tuired of correcting them, so please try to decipher the rest) When you get your ADL worksheet be sure to use the three words as often as youcan. I would also be sure to write a letter explaining in further detail how this DD affects you \using the thre keywords.

    Hoep this helps, and please forgive the typos I dont have enough energy to go back and correct.