need to apply for SSD...Please Help! Dont know where to start

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    I dont know how much longer I'll be able to work ..Switched jobs a few weeks ago,I was a nurse aide in nursing home am now doing home health..It is much better for me but I have migraine headaches every morning plus the fibro pain..And the IBS seems to always kick in on my way to work..and i end up stopping to go to restroom about 3or 4 times a day..which always makes me late for work plus some days i just cannot get up out of bed..I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep but once I do I can sleep 15 hrs. or more..I have OA also..
    Do I do the application on the phone or is it best to go there?? Any suggestions or comments appreciated...Thanks Deb
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    I heard that if you go in they may take note of how you look and for us that can be a bad thing, since these are invisible illnesses. So I called my local office and they mailed me the forms to fill out.

    They will give you about two weeks to complete them and set up a phone interview with them at which time you basically go over what you wrote on the forms. Then they will send you MORE forms!!! It never ends it seems like, but it really does.

    You do need to be not working when you apply, though. Good luck. There is a lot of info on this site. Just click on Disability at the top of the page.



    I'm sure that you have read my post on how I received SS on my first try. Could it have been luck? I will never know.

    Anyhoot, this is the procedure that I used.

    1st, I made a call to SS requesting information on how to apply for SS. They informed me that they would send me a package that needed completing requesting information such as your name, date of birth etc.,.

    Next, while I waited for the package to arrive, I contacted any doctor that I had seen for the last few years and requested a copy of my medical file.

    I finally received the paperwork from SS through the mail which also includes a date that I need to be present at the SS office. I then proceed to complete the paperwork piecework so I will not forget anything and included my medical file. You should make a set of copies to keep for yourself.

    On day of interview, they barely had any questions for me because I DID NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK on the application.
    Once the interview was over, they told me that it would take at least 120 days to process.

    So then I receive a phone call from SS informing me that they would be sending me an Activies Questionnaire for me to complete. Once I received the questionnaire, I completed it and along with a 3rd party questionnarie that my daughter completed, mailed it back to SS.

    Until this morning I had no idea that my claim had been approved....and I found that out by looking at my checking account....and there was $8,500!

    However, I wish you luck and the best way is to go into the office....don't be afraid....just be yourself.

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    thanks to both of you, you both gave me some good ideas,but I have to at least work partime to live on I've never been out of work that is scary to me.I only make about$700 a month anyways..Is that too much ? thanks again Deb
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    Once you are on disability, you are allowed to make no more than $700 per month, but, I am not sure about while you are applying. If I were you I would go on the website for Social Security Disability OR Call the 800 number to be sure.
    Good luck! Let us know what you find out.

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    My attorney told me I shouldn't earn more than $500 a month, but it would be better if I didn't work or earned no more than $200-300 a month. Since I receive LTD this has not been a problem.

    My understanding is that if you are earning too close to $800 they will assume you can earn that much without too much problem. That is the amount they deem to be gainfully employed, although in my area just renting a room costs over $500 a month.

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    I tried on my own to get ssd and was shot down. The easiest thing to do is to get an attorney that specializes in it. I got ssi and ssd. the lawyer will do all the work and he gets a third of when you first file. Mine took 2 1/2 years, but it was worth it. Good luck and HUGS to you.
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    Hey thanks for the info..I need to atleast make 400 a month for the rent..So ill have to work at least 20 hrs. a week (if i can ) until approved for ssd..Thanks Deb
  9. rose38716

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    Thanks, Aree you able to get ssi and ssd?? Ho dos that work because il only get 508 for ssd..let me know ok? Deb
  10. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Thanks, Aree you able to get ssi and ssd?? Ho dos that work because il only get 508 for ssd..let me know ok? Deb
  11. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    How are you doing?? I was going to apply for ssd but someone said you can get both?? do you know?? Yes I ill drive up there am looking forard to it..Let me kknow
    w hat she says...So what do you think about applying on the phone or go to office.. the office is only 5 min. from me..and should i apply for both?? thanks take care Deb
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    I dont what im doing..I've had a migraine for 2 days now usually ultram helps the headaches(but nothing else) but not this time..I called the local ss office and they are going to send forms and I have an appointment Aug.14..The woman asked if I'd applied before and i said yes 10 yrs. ago but now i have the oa and fm diagnosis plus the depression... I told her Im working about 15 hrs. a week
    20 at the most that i had to quit my other job..ttyl..Am going to lie down for a