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  1. Zzzsharn

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    I just need to complain, and maybe some advice from people who know how I feel.

    I've been fighting pnuemonia for about a month now.. I had a severe asthma attack on nov 6th and went to the doctors on the 7th.. had a breathing treatment and she said I had wheezing on intake and output in all 4 quadrants of the lungs. She said how long has this been going on? I said at least 3 weeks.. so she told me take the week off from work and rest, which I did.

    How sad is it that we can walk around with pnuemonia and not even realize how sick we are, because we are so used to feeling crappy!!

    I'm back to work now, and I feel horrible, I can't tell if the pain in my back is my lungs or the fibro..

    Ugh.. somebody stop the world... I wanna get off.

  2. mrafirst

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    Hi, Sharon,

    Well, if it is of any use to you, you are not alone. I have had pneumonia twice and bronchitis once and both times it took me several weeks to realize what was wrong. And this was *before* my diagnosis of FM. It just totally sucks, all you know is that you are too hot, then too cold, and tired (probably from the lack of oxygen!), not too mention having coughing fits. The first time I had this was when my son (now 19) was a toddler. Imagine hauling him around while not being able to breathe quite right! Totally not fun!

    Here's hoping you will make a speedy recovery. Are you on/able to take anything for this? Hope so.

    Mary Rose
  3. Zzzsharn

    Zzzsharn New Member

    Yes, I finished up a z-pac on Friday.. and still not feeling much better.

    I called the doctor- she's either going to call something in or want to see me, just waiting for a call back..

    Thanks for listening to me gripe!!

    I have 2 small kids- so yes.. I can imagine lugging them and all the crap that goes with them.. it's certainly NOT fun!!!

    Be well~
  4. JLH

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    Sharon and Carrie,

    I certainly hope that you both snap out of your sick spell and get on that road to a speedy recovery!!!!

    It is definitely a real chore to take care of little ones when you feel like death warmed over!!! I sooooo remember that when my 3 kids were young and I was sick all the time and also had severe migraines frequently.

    But now, I feel really crappy every day--more than anyone could possibly imagine! I am almost immobile and realize that everytime that I go out on my own--it's almost a tragedy for me--I can barely make it home and I'm always in tears. Not good.

    But, I know my body well enough that I know when something out of the ordinary is bothering me. I developed a severe case of asthma and bronchitis last December and got right into the doc and started treatment. I could feel myself wheezing as well as hear it, and that deep cough was killing me!

    I know we all joke around and say that since we feel like crap every day, we can't tell if and when we are really sick, but I think we know more about our bodies than we realize BECAUSE we are so sick every day.

    We all should definitely be more aware of what's going on, now that it's getting into the winter months (at least it is where I live -- I know it's not winter for everybody on this board, though!). Pamper yourself and take some extra Vitamin C daily!


  5. Zzzsharn

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    I ended up in the ER last night, my doctor wanted me to go to be check for a blood clot.

    I spent 3 hours in the hallway, in a gown, on a gurney and was less than pleased. They had no curtained off areas available when I got there, and as the patients cleared out of those areas, instead of moving me into one, they brought "fresh" patients in and put the there..

    I told the nurse when I registered that my PCP sent me for a spiral CT- they gave me a chest xray, a breathing treatment and prednisone and said go home. When I asked about a clot, they said HUH?- I said, I told 2 nurses that my PCP sent me for a scan- I was so frustrated, tired, ill- did I mention tired? I left- I told the doctor I'd follow up with my PCP and if she still wanted the scan I'd make an appt.

    I am happy to report that I do feel better today- Thankfully..

    Be well!
  6. Bruin63

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    How horrible to end up in the ER and then to be treated like that.
    I hope your feeling better today, and that there isn't a Clot at all.

    having Walking Pnuemonia is really the pit's. I have had my share of WP. and the misery it can cause.

    I found that I usually had to go through 2 Z-pak's when it's more than just a bad Cough or Infection.
    Hope your Dr. gives you something to Knock it out fast.

    Stay Warm,