need to convince my doctor to put me on valtrex after being on valcyte

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    I've was on valcyte for almost a year. I have been off it since June. I have had a handful of good weeks, but not consistent. I seems like every Montoya patient I've read about has been put of valtrex. I would like to compile some information to give to my doctor about Montoya's theory on putting his patients on valtrex after valcyte therapy. I am very interested on going on it. I have mentioned valtrex to the PA at my DR. office but she said it's just the same as valcyte. I know montoya has a theory behind this! So I want to send an email to my actual DR. giving her information on this whole valtrex idea and asking her if I can go on it. Any info or experiences on it would be much appreciated!
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    Hi deserella,

    I did not go on Valtrex after being on Valcyte for six months. Dr. Montoya mentioned it as an option but didn't push it or anything. He said many patients continue to get better after stopping Valcyte. Without having yet done a controlled study, there's no evidence yet that patients do better by continuing on Valtrex than they would do just without taking anything. He mentioned there was perhaps some suggestion that people taking Valtrex had less chance of relapsing, but there are really only a few data points, and relatively few people relapse anyway.

    That probably doesn't help make a case for taking Valtrex, but I just wanted to provide my info.
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    No, thanks for making that point. It just seemed like every single Montoya patient I read about on this board and other boards were going on valtrex.

    I had a great day today. I was able to actually do normal things without getting tired like putting on my make up and going out to lunch with a friend. I have felt non human lately and it felt good to be normal for a day.
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    valtrex is MUCH more effective on EBV than valcyte.

    you should take the publications by dr. lerner to your doctor.

    i am not aware of any publications stating specifically that valtrex is best for EBV but dr. ablashi or kristen loomis at the HHV6 foundation may know of some.

    good luck
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    the dosage of Valcyte that Dr. M. puts his patients on?

    thank you
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    900 mg every AM with food for 6 months.