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  1. Lana56

    Lana56 New Member

    Hi, I am on disability and need to earn money.I can't work out of the home due to disability.Does anyone kniow of something i can look into.Being on disability and alone is hard financially and i need to do something.Any info would mean a lot. Thankyou Lana56
  2. mti1963

    mti1963 New Member

    sorry to hear about your disability issues, I have been off work with fibro, depression, migraines, I have fought my disability from the time I have been off until now, my husband had to do a 3rd appeal, and I filed for social security back in Feb 06 and still have not heard from them,they sent me to one of there dr's back in July 06 for mental status review.Well finally as of yesterday my disability was approved again I have had to send them all my dr's visits reports and my husband did an appeal letter,it has been a long stressful struggle we had to file bankruptcy last year,becasue I wasnt getting any money,my disability approved my claim again on depression can you believe that one, they could care a less about your pain or migraines, insomnia and I have restless leg syndrome,panic attacks also,so I feel your pain,people look at you like your not disabled,they cant see your pain,I have been on so many different depression meds and pain meds its not funny,I'm taking vicodin and have been for yrs and I have to get my liver check quite regullary, as far as money have you tried selling items on ebay? please get back to me,thanks.
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  3. rockgor

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    one poster reported that she was healthy enuff to do ironing a hour or two a day. Her neighbors were happy to pay her.

    I would think if someone had the energy to bake it would pay well. Most of that stuff from the market looks good but really isn't, and it's pretty expensive too.

    Could you tutor kids who are having trouble w/ math, English grammar, etc.?

    There are various ads like "assemble jewelry at home" but most of those require an investment. I've read some of them are just scams.

    Good luck.

  4. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I have a co-worker whose daughter-in-law started making Pocketbooks from old blue jeans. She puts do-dads on them and such, styles them up someway or another and they sell like crazy. If you can sew a straight line you might want to look into it, putting her own creativity in it. She started her own website now and sells them through that, yesterday she got an order from LA for 90 purses.

    I would think you wouldn't want anything too stressful or demanding because of how the FM affects us. I work fulltime and I'm starting to look at what I can do when I can't continue (which may be pretty soon) Last year I finished an 18 month training program and got my degree as a Medical Transcriptionist just to find out that most doctor's offices are now going to electronic medical recording and don't use MTs anymore. The ones that do and the hospital only want someone with 3-5 years experience and how can turn around a weeks worth of dictation in a couple of days. On days that I can't even sit at the computer I'd already be behind. Anyway, I feel like I just wasted all that time and money.

    Good luck with your endeavors honey.
  5. DJGirl

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    I can sympathize with you because I've been there... If you are able to sell some of the things you no longer use, try a free website... There you can place ads for free within the city you're located in.

    I have sold alot of stuff there and have gotten a household full of stuff for Free!

    I've also charged a few bucks for resumes and job searching assistance. It's easy because I do it at home right off my computer!

    Give it a try. The few bucks come in handy.

    FYI...For those of you that are able to work out of the house but worried about losing your SS-Disability... you can earn up to $850 a month without reporting it to SS, per SS. If you earn beyond that, you have to report it and they determine if it affects your benefits.

  6. PVLady

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    You can check the website in your state for the department of insurance. You can learn to be an insurance agent and easily do it from home.

    If you sell something simple like "Term" life insurance, or individual health insurance, you can make a very decent income.

    Yes, there is a learning curve, but in the age of the internet, it is much easier. There are alot of online courses.

    Getting a life license if not really hard. You might need to take pre-licensing classes.

    You can look at a website if you search "how to become a insurance agent" that gives alot of good information.

    If you master just a couple of products and stick with them, it is much easier. That is why I suggested Term Life Insurance and Individual Health Insurance.

    I have been in the insurance field over 30 years and had my own agency for ten years. My field is "property and casualty".

    Secondly, you can make bath products from home and sell them at a swap meet, or on consignment in boutique stores or online via internet orders. You can find recipes on the internet for my favorite "bath bombs". I have made bath bombs for personal use because they are so expensive in the store.

    They are really neat, the size of a small baseball and fizzle in your tub. They make the water very soft and smell good.

    There is a franchise called "Splash" that sells bath bombs and other products. I was told the owner started in her kitchen using a meatballer to make her bath bombs.

    At the library, there are tons of books about starting a home based business with hundreds of ideas.

    With any business you start, you will need insurance yourself. With insurance "professional liability", with anything else, "general liability".

    I have always advocated people to try and have their own businesses. It takes time, but each new day the answers come, and you learn.

    Just think of what you enjoy doing then start your research.

  7. Lana56

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    Thankyou for all the support and ideas-it is a great help. I will look into some things to do.I need to earn money.I have no extra to live and it is hard.I spend nothing,but pay my bills.Hopefully I can find something to do that will help.Thankyou again and the best to all of you.
  8. zenouchy

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    Not sure if this would help, but sometimes there are programs in cities that specialize in helping people with disabilites get certain jobs. I don't know of anything specific. Sometimes I hear of things like Goodwill or other programs that are designed to help those on SSD.

    It probably varies by city and may just be something to look into. Also, sometimes there are temp services that specialize in helping people with disabilities find work. That may be too much for you to do but just another idea. OR, you can use those ideas as resources and call them for other suggestions. Often these places get calls and can't help a particular person, so they know other resources to refer people to. Hope this helps and best of luck.

    Warm hugs, Erika
  9. BraidieBunch

    BraidieBunch New Member

    I am a single mom with three boys...ages 17,14 and 11. They are pretty self sufficient, but I really like to be "around" just in case.
    At the moment I am looking into CSR positions that you run from home. One of them is Live ops, and Willow CSN. There is some start up, but I will left you know what happens!!Braidie

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