Need to know THE CFS doctor in San Antonio, Tx

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    We have been dealing with our daughter's myriads of illnesses for years. She has been a trooper,but, the time has come to find a doctor capapble and willing to diagnose this condition we believe most resembles CFS so she can file for disability and seek treatment. She is on medicaid and lives in San Antonio, Tx. The nearest CFS center is in Dallas, but does not accept medicaid. She went to a rheumotologist here last week for a first visit only to be told she did not have CFS because she didn't have any "broken bones." She/we were flabbergasted. We have since called several groups and doctor's offices. Some say arthritis doctors....rheumotologists.....GPs etc. If anyone out there knows anybody here......we would greatly appreciate the info. thanks, Kathy
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    Forget SA....ignorance in abundance in medical community...

    Get thee to Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston...

    Call information for the number.

    She's the BEST IN THE WEST!

    p.s. Isn't there an FFC clinic in Austin? Anybody??

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    p.s. see txfmmon/Dr.Salvato post I just "bumped" to top of list for you![This Message was Edited on 06/02/2006]
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    kathyh, did you see this yet?

    Bumping for her...seemed important.

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