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    hello everyone,
    I just wanted to know if anyone knows how long it takes,before you go in front of the judge? I've applied for social security 18 months.but I guess I'll have to call my attorney.I think they said'it could take up to 24 this is just insane what they make us go through,as if were not going through enough.I was just wanting to know if someone could help answer this mystery.thank you and god bless us all. love and hugss janice
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    I am in Ca and I applied in Aug 04, exactly 6 months after I stopped working. I finally got an attorney in Oct because I could not get anywhere with SS and they kept telling me they didn't know where my file was. I kept calling the 800 number and they kept sending emails to the local office here but nobody ever called me back. Soo the week I had my appt with my atty., I got all of my info stating that I was going to have to go before the ALJ judge and they will let me know. I was so glad I got an atty. because she knows all the judges...said that it would be no problem winning my case and we hit it off..She is my age and couldn't believe all the things I had been going thru.
    So hang in there...the whole system is ridiculous and it stresses you out big time. My husband and I have never been financially in trouble and it's very worrysome but I have faith and no that things have always worked out for us.
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    I've seen the judge in December and have to return maybe February if I'm fortunate.

    I'm taking a lawyer for sure
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    Hi janbolee,

    I applied for SSDI about 14 months ago and am now awaiting notice of a court date. I have Fibro and emerging CFIDS symptoms.

    I received my 2nd denial in 7/06 and was told by my attorney that in my area of the country (KY/Ohio) border, it typically takes 12 to 14 months before you are scheduled to go before the ALJ. In the meantime, I'm trying to cover all my bases, as in keeping up with primary care, psych, sleep disorder doc., and have a first time appt. next week with a Neurologist(recently began having fevers, sore throat, balance problems and a new type of headache).

    I worry constantly that all this still won't be enough! I check out different websites that give you tips on winning your case...they only seem to increase my anxiety, because I don't think I'm as prepared as they say you should be.

    As you can see, I have no answers, unfortunately only a shared feeling of apprehension and disgust for the whole system. It can be so demeaning to have someone review basically everything about you and then write a terse letter dismissing you with "you're still able to work."

    They listed all my diagnosis (I have at least 10 or 12) and "explained" to me how they were being managed and shouldn't prevent me from working...yeah right. How about the accumulative effect of said diagnosis.

    What I found amusing and was glaringly absent from their list was my BIGGEST complaint FATIGUE. They know there really isn't any proven treatment for that, and if you can hardly get out of bed most days...WHO is going to hire someone they cannot depend on from day to day!

    Well sorry for the rant, but believe me, I know what you're saying...and I'm sorry for all of us (and there are many) who have to be put through this when we're all ready being faced with probably the biggest health challenge and life changing event of our lives.

    I wish you much luck and hope you'll send some good thoughts my way....take care........Jill.............
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    I know nothing but, it looks like every case is different depending on the circumstances. My brother applied for SS Disability (he was on temporary at the time) in late July of 06 and received approval by early September 06.

    I kept warning him he might need a attorney from what I read on this board but he wanted to wait and see.

    I am wondering if it had anything to do with him being a veteran - (they made him show proof of his service record). Perhaps it is the doctors records - how well they document your illness.

    My brother has degenerative disc disease and his pain is handled with 3 Darvocette a day. He has never had surgery etc. and has no other problems. I have read medical histories here that seem much worse.

    I don't understand how or why they give some people so much trouble. My brother did check out that website that gives your tips for getting approved but he just seemed to breeze through. I am happy for my brother but it seems unfair the way they put sick people through so much.

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    hello everyone,
    just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my the way I live in ohio,and my attorney's in newyork.I'm gonna give them a call today to see if they've heard anything.I to like must of you have fibromyalgia,disc disease,arthritis,carpal tunnel,had a cervical fusion due to being hit by a drunk driver.and had hand surgery which to no avail did not make it any I have permenant nerve damage to my dominant hand.torn menscius muscle in my knee,bad disc's in lower back.can't use hands in any kind of repititive motion.

    I just thank god for my son,whom helps me alot.and I only drive short distant,because of leg pain,and hand pain.anyway thank you all for listen,sometimes it's the one thing that really means the most.god bless you all and yours.
    love you all janice
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