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    I was one of the people that drove to Atlanta from Florida and was a patient of Dr. Kelley..Does anybody know anything about her??? I know she had left the clinic...But where to? Oh and what is that nasty cream-corn IV?I mean what was in that bag of IV? I have a Dr. down in Florida that would really like to know...I just tell him I used to love corn but I cant take the smell of it anymore...But it worked. My next thing is with cfs/fibro has anyone ever tried CHELATION OR PEPTIDE treatments yet! Or know anything about them? Thank you
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    I had DMPS challenge test. And had about 5 or 6 sessions with EDTA. I have a lifelong history of bladder/kidney problems and could not tolerate the EDTA chelation. Causes me to swell, mostly feet, ankles, legs. Also, caused extreme bladder pain, and pain in kidney area. Also, EXTREME fire feeling in brain and neck during chelation. No pain associated with it, just FIRE. I have documented heavy metal toxicity, from different labs, ordered by different docs. Different challenge tests will pull different metals into the urine. There was one other womas who was always there at the same time as me. She had had about 10 or 20 treatments and was seeing profound improvements in energy. She had NO negative responses, only positive. And she also had EDTA.

    I also had an MD. who was my Accupuncturist do just 2 treatments but it wasnt EDTA and I can't remember what it was. It gives the IMMEDIATE and DISTINCT taste of FISH as soon as the IV starts, if that helps to identify what it was. It was just so many years ago (7 or 8 or 10) that I can't remember what it was. DMSA maybe? I had no negative reaction to that, but I only had 2 treatments and he said I would have a dramatic response if I were going to see an improvement, butI didn't, so he discontinued.

    There are several ORAL CHELATION products. These have websites that are very easy to find. Just google. Some that come to mind are

    1. "Essential Daily Defense" or "Beyond Chelation" (Same product, changed name) by Dr. Gary Gordon. Great stuff. I should start taking it again. Is excreted through kidneys, so I can only take small amount.

    2. "Metal-Free" - A Clatherating Agent which wraps around, and creates, an unbreakable bond with heavy metals. Is excreted through the bowels. (Safer for ME, but VERY $$$$$)

    3. There are a LOT of herbs that are very effective. I have used some of these and they are POWERFUL. Just some that come to mind are:




    Bentonite Clay (Liquid) I love this for removing metals, pesticides and sop up herx toxins.

    Hope some of this helps you.

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