need to look at some part time work

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  1. dan0248

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    Have any of ya all that are on full disability with the SS Department ever have to look into working part time. I have got to do something, it cost me $47.58 to day to fill up my truck and to get some lawn mower gas. That topped with the refills of just three of my prescriptions and two for my wife, we spent over $141.58. Who do I need to talk with at the Social Security Department? I have got to do something; there is no way I would want or allow my wife to take another job. I will not bury us in dept with credit cards and I sure don't want to loss my house.
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    You might be interested in this...I know this info because my ex was/is disabled.

    - You are able to make $620 per month without affecting your SS income.

    - If you make above that amount, you are starting a Trial Work Period. If you make more than that amount for any 9 months in a rolling 60 month period, your benefits may stop.


  3. victoria

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    just be careful to not go over that amount/month or at least not very often...

    If there is something you can do entrepeneurial, -- on your own - that would be best as you could deduct your expenses (noticed you have a workshop of some kind).

    DH is on SSD so have looked into this.

    hope this helps - the gov't website does outline the specifics about it.


  4. dan0248

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    Now is that before or after taxes, I won't have to worry about going over, I just don't have the stamina, the endurance you know the energy for it anymore, things that used to take an hour now seem to take all day.
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    One thing you can check is, the drug companies will provide you with their drugs "free" if you qualify by income. We have posted the phone number and contact before, I will try to find it.

    Maybe someone else here will remember.

    You might consider doing "handiman" jobs. You can place a small ad in the "throw away" free newspaper. I have hired a "handiman" in the past to change doorknobs and window hardware, just small easy jobs around the house that I could not get my husband to do.

    As respects to reporting the income, that is something you can research. One thing about having your own little handiman business, you can work at the times you feel able.

    In a months time, it would not take much to make a extra $1,000 or more.

    I believe a handiman does not have to have a state license and their jobs have to be under $500.
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    I know it is difficult trying to do physical or even mental work when we don't feel well. I understand fromyour Bio page that you have a large shop space on your property.
    Do you have any experience in furniture finishing or refinishing?? There are good books available to self teach including Sunset Mags book on the subject. very basic for beginners. It's possible to generate outside work that you could do in your shop "as energy permits"
    I've had friends here on the "Left Coast" that were originally from Mo. or Kansas and they were all hard working and trustworthy. I'm sure you also have that quality and will fine a combination of things to make life work for you.
    Best wishes,
  7. azbubba

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    ...when you initially apply $860 is the amount they look at. If you earn more than $860 a month when you apply for SSDI, they say you are engaging in substantial gainful activity, and therefore not eligible for benefits. But once you get on disability, that's when the $620 amount kicks in.
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    Don't be surprised if you come under close scrutiny during your next SS disabiity review. We have such a mysterious disaese that when reviewing your case which they do every few years it may raise some eyebrowse if the see all the sudden you are well enough to work part time.

    Remember to get SSDI you need to be so disableed that you can't work at all. So they may look at your case differently if all the sudden you can work part time.
    Even if its legal....