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    i miss church and the only reason i have for not going is that hubby takes the car and goes hunting. that and the fact sundays are the only days i get to sleep at all. i feel guilty because the Lord sent His son to die for me and I should at least go to church to worship and hear the message. His son was not to tired to climb up to Calvary, even if he had a little help bearing the cross. He was not too weak to stand for me and pray on as His hands were being nailed that i might be saved by His shedding of blood, and here i am too weak to fight hubby for the car one morning a week. I know this is the devil fighting me, and i am soo ashamed to say i feel he is winning..and i really need prayers now that will strenghten my faith and renew my heart in church and christianity.
    please help me in my weakest times and pray for me.
    Lord i pray that You convict me and my husband of our wrongdoings and I pray that You get the devil off my back. I cannot fight and win the battle alone Lord and i pray that You Lord can help me in my weakest moments. Lord i should be in church and i ask for forgiveness for not being Your child the way i should be and not bringing my 3 small children to hear Your words in church as i am supposed to. Lord please help me get my kids on the right path and myself as well. In Jesus' name, humbly i pray. Amen.
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    Not to worry, dear Child of God. Isn't He really asking for your faith? What if you lived in an area where there weren't any churches, what would you be thinking right now. Sit down with the Bible, open it up anywhere and read 4 pages. If you're anything like me, I have to re-read them to remember it. That's what He wants, for you to get to know Him through His word. And to practice His word in your day to day life. God is our loving Father and He will not persecute you for being human, after all, He made you and probably expects us to act up occaisionally.

    I haven't been able to attend church for a month and a half, due to an ongoing flare. Sure, I feel guilty, but I feel guilty for not doing my tasks at Church; such as Elder, Sunday School Teacher and Choir member. I talk with our Father several times in my day. He knows I love Him and that I will never forsake Him. I read daily about the walk of Christ and His battles, He urges me to do so.

    Take your Faith and offer it to Him right now. Tell Him of your love and devotion to Him. Pray His prayer to Him and offer Him your own prayers. Uppermost, praise Him for the awesome love He gives to you. He's listening now. And always.

    God bless, Deena
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    god hears you know matter where you are and your faith shows in all those you prayer for,
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    I enjoy the fellowship and teaching I get at church but the time I spend alone in prayer and reading the Word are what builds my relationship with Him. He is always there for us, He is ever faithful. Praise God.

    Dear Sister-in-Christ, you are in my prayers.

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    God knows your heart and your desire and that is what matters. You can worship at home if you can't get out. There are many people in the same situation. I often can't get to church in the mornings, it is just impossible. And my husband is a pastor! One suggestion is going to a church that has a service on Sat. nights or Sunday nights. Around here there are several. Try not to feel guilty about not going, which was a hard thing for me to deal with too. I had to come to a point of realizing that I have nothing to feel guilty about. God knows my heart and that I am doing all I can. My love for Him is the same and I can serve Him in other ways. I will pray for you as I know it is important to you. I will pray that someday your situation will change so that you can go to church as you desire. It is nice to have the christian fellowship and to feel well enough to go if you can. I pray this for all of us.

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