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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nonny, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. nonny

    nonny New Member

    I am moving to midwest Oregon and need to know how I will do when I move, I am leaving the AZ heat. It makes me sooo sick in the summer. Don't know anyone in Oregon to ask. Realator said one of her friends felt really good in Or. Thanks!!!
  2. zerped

    zerped New Member


    I've lived 45 of my 51 years here in Oregon, and there's good news and bad news. The good news is that Bend gets WAY more days of sunshine than Seattle or Portland. You're 3500 ft. above sea level. Great skiing nearby, and a fairly progressive state to live in.

    On the other hand, Oregon and Washington are the "MS capitol of the world." Not quite, but you're 5x more likely to end up with MS here than the average in America. There will be cold weather in winter, but probably not any worse than you would get in northern AZ. Snow quite a few times, but never really deep. The cold is "a dry cold." When I lived in eastern Washington, there was enough sun that I kept up a tan, and when the weather was cold, it wasn't bad. One time I was walking to work and thought maybe I should stop and buy a hat. I passed a bank and it was 27 degrees!

    I'll shut for now. Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes.
  3. nonny

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I will be over by the Eugene area. On the FMS scale of 1-10 (10 bad) I would say I'm a 4 avereage. It's the CFS that gets me. I function really well in the 60-80 degree area but 5-6 months of AZ heat is too much. Then in the winter, the temps down but the polution is up and that makes ya feel bad too. Gotta give it a try tho in Oregon, can't afford San Diego :) Thanks again!!!
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  4. zerped

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    I'm not trying to be a "Gloomy Gus" or anything; just want you to avoid getting blind-sided here. Eugene is a GREAT place; probably my favorite 50K-250K population city. You're at the beginning of the Wlamette Valley; the Coast Range and Cascade Ranges become separate neraby. The result is an "inversion layer" which keeps the air at ground level in place, which means that Eugene is one of the two worst places in the U.S. for hayfever! The main agriculture of the Wilamette Valley is grad-seed production. When the various weeks and grasses are putting out their pollen, it can be really rotten.

    But you've got one of the most culturally active smaller cities in the U.S., the University of Oregon, and generally milder winters than in Portland. At most there will 3-5 days that remind you of the Midwest, and last year, the Wilamette Valley (or at least Portland) had less rain and higher winter temperatures than Los Angeles!

    Welcome to a very cool state!

  5. gnanny

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    Nanny here...I live outside of Portland in the Hillsboro area. That would be north of you in Eugene. I have always lived here so I cant compare how I would feel in another climate. There are quite a few of us board members that live in Oregon. We sometimes manage to get together for a gab fest every few months. Maybe give us a shout when you get moved in and settled.

    I think its a beautiful area, I do love the green ! I hope you will too.

    Take care, Nanny
  6. nonny

    nonny New Member

    Thanks to all that have replied! Any info I get is so helpful. Madly in love with Oregon!!! Felt so good the short time we were there looking around. Am hoping it is THE answer for me. Anything beats Phx for me.

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