Need to vent returning to work is a full time job

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    I have been on STD since 2/2/06, the doctor on Tuesday (3/28)released me to go back P/T for 2 weeks, when he will re-evaluate and possibly release me F/T. The doctor forgot to fill in the return date on the form but when he signed it filled in the date he signed it. I show up on Wednesday fax the form to our leaves administrator and go about my day.

    I get home and the company that approves our STD tells me they are only approving me thorugh 3/15. So I spend the afternoon trying to get what they need to approve me through 3/28. At this time they say I shouldn't have returned on 3/29 because of the special accomadation has to be approved.

    My point to them was if I waited to be approved for PT return then it would be more time I was at home without pay.

    I get into work this morning and there is a message from the Leaves admin that I should have returned on 3/28 since the doctor signed it on 3/28 and left the return date blank. (So the leave admin is contradicting the nurse case manager at this point)

    So now I have to get a note from the doctor stating that my return was 3/29 and he only signed it on the 28th and also get him to tell the Nurse case manager why he kept me out until the 28th.

    Oh and as an FYI, the nurse told me that they usually only approve leave for fibro for 7 days.
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    It sounds like a mess, yet also sounds like it can be straightened out. It is terrible you have to start your return to work like this. Do not worry and all will turn out well.