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    My life is a soap opera lately and it is taking a toll on my body! My
    17 year old had a slip with drugs after taking a telemarketing job.

    He and I got into it big time on several occasions. At that job he
    also met a 25/26 woman there who is bipolar and started having a
    relationship with her.

    Now I don't have anything against bipolar, i
    and my husband are but I do have a problem with this woman sleeping
    with my son. He would see her even if I tried to stop him so I was
    hoping reverse pysch would get him to end it. Um, well the other shoe
    dropped. He supposedly got her pregnant.

    She claims this but he
    hasn't seen a pregnancy test and some of the stuff she has said about
    the ultra sounds make it sound like she is either lying about being
    pregnant or that she is farther along and that means it isn't my

    She has an adopted 11 yr old that she has been taking care of,
    a 5 yr old daughter who is living in another state with the father
    because as i've recently found out she has two warrents in two
    different states, she drinks alot and she drinks and drives with this
    boy in the car. She smokes pot, takes her dad's xanex and gets into
    physical fights with her stepmom and others when she has been

    She told my son that her doctor said she can drink a glass
    of wine sometimes while carrying this baby. UM HELL NO a doctor isn't
    going to tell her that in this day and age. Maybe 20 yrs ago but now
    they know better.

    She got really drunk the other night and got into a
    fight with her stepmom at a bar so we had to come get her. She then
    got into a fight with my son because while at her house she got into
    it with her dad, pulled her 11 yr old out of bed, took him into the
    car and as drunk as she was was going to go sleep in a parking lot
    with him somewhere.

    And she tried to break it off with my son, (which
    when she is drunk she is mean to him)and he they texted each other
    saying some really nasty things to each other about my (maybe) future

    My son and I talked and he is going to go into the
    military, and talk to an attorney about getting custody of his child,
    getting a dna test, and making damn sure that she has limited

    Oh and she is facing felony drug charges here also, and
    this little witch has three different social security cards because
    she steals them from people. UGH!

    Okay so there is that. Then this morning my youngest who is a high
    functioning autistic tells me his knees hurt again. We figured it for
    being growing pains, but I always watch my boys because this is
    genetic. He then told me his arm aches, so I did a tender point test
    on him to just see.

    He has 5 tender points and i looked it up this
    morning and unlike us grown ups children only need 5 to 11 tender
    points for the diagnoses after ruling out other things.

    He is already
    sick with yet another upper respitory infection and I told him that
    we'd keep an eye on it to see if maybe it isn't just because he is

    He looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes and said:

    "Momma, I don't think this is growing pains anymore."

    The good news is
    that for some reason kids can grow out of this. I know what he will
    be going through with the pain and it is going to break my heart. He
    already has a really low immune system and gets every damn cold,
    infection ect.

    Plus he is autistic and that really bothers him at
    times. God I just hope he is not like me with FM. Whew, sorry that
    this is so long but like I said a lot of stuff has been going on and
    i really needed to get this out before i went nuts.

    THank you for

    I live out in the middle of nowhere and really don't have anyone to talk to. I feel so very alone and overwhelmed right now.

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    I was wondering why it looked so different from others. My mind is really fuzzy today. Thank you for the help Jam!
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    We are really supportive of my oldest. He even wanted to marry this woman so that he could be there for his child. We are thinking that if she isn't pregnant then she will tell him she had a miscarriage, which she said she's had a lot of them.

    I totally agree that she is stupid, and that poor little boy who she adopted because his mother went to prison when he was a year old doesn't need to be driving around with her when she is like that. Her whole family are alcoholics.

    My son wants to take custody of his child if she is pregnant and my husband and i told him we will help him with the baby if that is what he wants while he is working or if he gets deployed. He was really freaking out two weeks ago when she said that she started bleeding and the doctor put some cotton up near the cervix to stop the bleeding and is making her drink magnisum.

    I know he is really young but I'm hoping that since she is wanted by the law in 3 states, is an alcoholic, and is bipolar and not taking her medicine that they will give him custody if he shows he can provide for it and has a lot of support from mom and dad.

    I was a young mother and I know he is going to have a tough road ahead. Geeze this is such a mess.
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    My son is 17 and here in MO there isn't a law against her sleeping with him unfortunately. Kina I will most likely need to talk with you about this. I'm going to print out info and photos of babies with fetal alcohol sydrome and maybe that might snap her straight. My son is going to try to keep an eye on her and hopefully she will take care of herself.

    She is very antisocial and doesn't even like going to the store without someone there. She does have mania and downs but perhaps she had Fetal alcohol syndrome on top of it. She was hospitalized a few weeks ago when she beat the heck out of her sister when she supposedly had one drink of wine and her sister said something against my son. Her dad and sister put her in the hospital and they told her that she is psycotic and gave her some shot to calm her because they didn't know she was pregnant at that time. She signed herself out.

    I'll look into the Alanon. Right now the important thing is making sure my son and that baby if there is one is taken care of. We're thinking of calling CPS but this woman is a runner. She will take off to another state just as she has twice now because of the arrest warrants. My son is going to be nice so that he can keep an eye on her while talking with an attorney and preparing to go into the army so that he can take care of his baby.

    We're hoping that she has to do sometime for all those drugs she got busted on so that we can just take custody when the baby is born. Thank you both for being here for me. I really needed this. It helped me put things into perspective. Now if we can only get her over here to take a pregnancy test so we can know for sure and then get her into a doctor to find out how far along and how the baby is doing that would take a huge load off my mind. Yep this is an insane situation but the only thing i can do is try to help my son get through this and be a good parent.

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