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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Adl123, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    As I have mentioned before, about 5 months ago I adopted a dog to serve as a mobility and balance assistence dog, as CFIDS has me so weak that I frequently lose my balance. I've been trainng her myself, so the training is going slowly, especially as she has separation anxiety.

    I also belong to a meditation group of about 12 people, who meet in someone's home, which is very small, about 800 sq. ft., in total. The rooms are very, very, small. So you can see that we are all almost shoulder to sholder.

    Now that summer is coming, I forsee a problem with my dog. I can't leave her in the car becaue of the heat, and I can't tie her up outside, becaue of her separation anxiety.I haven't yet found a collar or halter that she can't get out of. She is a Houdini and can get out of anything. I'm having a hard time teaching her to stay on a tie-out, as she panicks.

    I hate to impose her on the others, because of the close quarters and the fact that many people have allergies. Also, she is not perfectly trained yet, and might be a distraction. I fully realize that I have a legal right to take her, but still, this is someone's home, and the last thing I would want to do is make others uncomfortable just so that I could attend.

    I'm going to bring this up, via e-mail, to the leader of the group, and see what she says. I usually like to keep in the background, and so am dreading that she will tell me to bring her in, and am just as worried that she will say that it wold be better not to bring her in, which would mean that I could not go on hot days (like all summer-I live in California!). I wasn't able to go during flu season, either. This is as close as I get to a church service.

    If I try to leave her at home, she will chew her way out, to get to me. She has already gone through the screen door once! Oh, dear.

    Well, thank you for listening. I'm hoping that someone, out there, will have an idea for a solution.


  2. mom4three

    mom4three New Member

    HAve you tried the wire kennels they have? Maybe that and a big bully chewy stick to keep he busy while you are gone.
  3. KateMac329

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    Yes, I have both my girls in wire kennels (cages). At first it was weird for them but what change isn't? Now when they feel scared or want some "alone" time they go right to their kennel. It is their "den", they like it.

    About a collar, my Aussie is horrible about them! She hates wearing one and actually we lost her walking out of the vets office once becauase she yanked out of her collar and leash. The collar just came right off her head.

    What we use and this is an awesome collar is a type of collar specifically designed for Greyhounds.

    With Greyhounds you can't use a regular leash because their head is much larger then their neck and regular collars they can slip out of.

    The collars designed for them have these rings that kind of act like a choke collar but are not cruel at all! It just allows the collar to stay put.

    If you google collars for Greyhounds you will come up with some websites that will have them because they don't sell them in the pet stores.

    Good luck!

  4. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Kate, I've been trying to crate train her, and she is still terrified. Evidently whe was really traumatized at her first home.

    I have a wire crate, but I've lent it to a friend, and I hate to ask for it back, as neither of us can now afford to buy another. Also, I would have to somehow take it to the meditation place, and she is so big, that it doesn't fit in the car!

    But this is an idea. Maybe , over time, I can train her to be in the wire crate at home. It will take a long time, but it's an idea that might be do-able.

  5. mom4three

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    these are called bully sticks. To dogs they are the most yummiest treats ever.. I will not tell you what they are but if you must know you can google it lol..
    they are a tendon and are not a bone or rawhide. They are completly digestable and take a long time to chew up . I sugget you get her a really big one or a couple of small ones a big thing of water and then tie her. She won't even know you are gone. I promise. I have a rat terrier she hates it when I leave and when I would go she would injure herself now as soon as I bring one of those out she runs to her kennel and waits for me to bring it to her.
  6. taniazcatz

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    I know you said you ahven't found a collar or halter she can't get out of but at the petsmart here they have this really effective harness that they use. One of the trainers I was speaking to a few weeks ago said she really liked them and they were almost impossible for the dog to get put of. I knwo dogs are very very smart and can do so many things we somestimes think they can't but I will see if I can get some more info on that harness and post it for you. I think a kennel or crate is a good idea too.

    Good Luck

  7. findmind

    findmind New Member

    My DP and I have been watching the "Dog Whisperer" on tv to get hints how to better control our 2 shepherds.

    One is 12, the other 6, but they have learned this so fast!

    Say Pssst! real loud and touch your dog. It makes them redirect their brain, esp. if younger lives were traumatic.

    I works beautifully! After some confuion from them, they are responding so well, even after only 3 weeks or so.

    If walking with her, use outside foot (of yours) to reach back and touch dog's hip whil jerk leash and say Psst! strongly. Don't look at dog, keep your head up and make yourself the leader.

    Hope some of these suggestions help!


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