need your help: Gulf War Illness benefits expiring

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    I just found out that, at the end of this year, the benefits for people with Gulf War Illness (including ME/CFS, FM, migraines, etc.) will cease. Please write to your Congressman and Senators and ask them to repeal the deadline (they all have email access now, so no need to print and send in regular mail). I have attached a sample letter for you to consider and to save you time. Please forward this to anyone that you think would help.

    Thank you all for your help,
    Sandy M
    Dear Representative,

    I write to you because the presumptive period for the Gulf War illness found in Title 38 CFR section 3.317 needs to be repealed in an amendment to a bill that is assured to pass Congress.

    The presumptive period established for illnesses associated with service in the Persian Gulf War expires on 31 December 2011. Many of the 14 diseases presumed caused by exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam have no expiration dates and that those veterans can still be compensated. Yet Gulf War veterans are discriminated against with an expiration date. December 31, 2011, is the last day that thousands of sick veterans will qualify for access to medical and other disability benefits afforded to them for these acts of unselfish duty during the Gulf War.

    My friend/relative is a Gulf War veteran with Gulf War Syndrome. His/Her symptoms have become WORSE over time, not better, and to deny disability benefits because of some arbitrary expiration date is completely absurd.

    In addition, deployed troops in the Gulf Region are still returning home with these same types of illnesses. And, the Department of Veterans Affairs Committees on Gulf War Illness has itself testified before Congress that the end date should be repealed.

    I urge you to introduce and support any legislation that would repeal the expiration date of December 31, 2011, so that all Gulf War veterans and their families can continue to receive the much needed care that their service to this country has afforded them.
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    I totally agree with everything you say, and all Veteran's deserve compensation for any illness contracted during their time of service. My husband, son, and SIL all were military, and 2 overseas, and so far have been fortunately not affected.

    Unfortunately, I read that SS Disability is running out and will not be paid much longer......or at a lower rate, along with straight SS. Right now I'm so disgusted with government that I can't understand how they can continue spending so much on other things and not on their disabled. What a mess we're in....... I'll write....wishing you (and us) all the best

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