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    I'm really feeling blue today. We have realy been struggling financially for the last 6 months. We started to get in a real bind when I had to take the month of April off to take my mother back and forth to the hospital(75 miles away) to be with my aunt who had a massive heart attack. She died after lying in CICU for over 3 weeks. It was really hard on all of us, especially my mom which isn't in great health herself. They were so close to each other and had lived together for over 20 years.

    It just seems like we can't catch up. My checking account have been in the negitive for at least a month, but I have bills I have to pay so I write the checks and the bank pays them but charges me $32 a pop for them. It is costing us over $100 a week for gas and over $300 a month for electric bills. I've never been one to keep anything from my husband before but he has been going thru so much hisself (lost his mom in July). I couldn't keep it from him anymore and I told him last night. He was upset but more worried than anything. I told him that I was hopeing and praying that I could get caught up before he had to find out.

    We just have to have faith and trust in the Lord to get us thru this. I've been praying so hard that things will get better. Please say a big prayer for us that things will get better. I'll hush babbling on now, just had to talk to someone I don't want to worry my husband anymore than he already is.

    Thanks for listening,

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    So so sorry you & yours are having to go through all this...very overwhelming I know.

    Please know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers...

    Keep your head up...things will get better!!

    (((((Hugs))))) & Prayers
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    For your mom and her grief and for you and your money situation. Worrying about money is so hard on a person and so hard on your health, I'm sure; I'll pray that your needs will be met. You have better places to spend your money than paying the bank!

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    I'm so sorry for everything you have had to deal with. I'm sure you feel very overwhelmed at this point.

    I remember how difficult it was for my Mom when her sister died. They lived together also. It takes time to get over such a great loss. I know that you are a great comfort to your Mom right now.

    I will be praying for you and your family...
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    for your replys. It is so comforting to know that everyone cares so much to even give a second thought to someone else's problems when we all have so many of our own to worry about.

    I've decided that I would be better off being late on the bills than to pay the bank. If I don't have the $$$ to cover it, then it won't get paid. I'm not getting anywhere paying the bank, I'm just getting fruther behind.

    Thanks again for all your prayers, keep then coming - I can sure use them.
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    to restore what the locus has eaten.
    And to give you back everything the evil one has taken.
    and THE KING says, he will open the windows of heaven and pour
    out a blessing that you will have to build extra storage
    space for you to contain it all. and it will be pressed
    down overflowing.
    KEEP THE FAITH.... it's worth more than anything...
    I pray now DEAR GOD, to send your unexpected blessings to
    Tammy and her loved ones. To help in the financial areas,
    and the healing of heartaches, from their pain.
    We know and trust that you are in control and there are no
    mistakes. You know the outcome before we know what is going to happen. Surround them with your tenderness, and
    give them each what they need, and want. thank you for what you are doing in their lives to bring them more Love
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    Prayers are sent. God be with you.
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    Sending thoughts and prayers. Sorry your family is having such a rough time. I hope things will get better for you soon.