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    I really do not know what to do here, with my problem, but am talking to everyone including my doctor for direction and advice. For those who know me, I have been trying to deal with my health, (FM, Major depression, once broken back, Arthritis, and many other things too numerous to list, make the most of my life, and continue my fight for SSDI.

    For those who don't know, I am an RN, who because of health has not been able to hold a job or work since late 2000. I had to move to another state after being abandoned and divorced by one nameless ex. I am still fighting for SSDI, found a man who deserved my love and I'm now happily married.

    In the back of my mind, I thought maybe one day, I could still work as a nurse, in one way or another. I know I cannot do what I did before, but still I had hope. I kind of pushed all those feeling aside, and didn't cope with them until I got my renewal for license notice this year.

    Now all I do is is cry, or try not too as I don't need any more freaking pain. I know deep down, I will never be an RN again....BUT how do I cope, how do I get over this. I will not take more pills to do it, but do plan to take at length with my therapist, and doctors.

    Has anyone else been through this, any advice and TLC will be welcome.

    Huggies Deana
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    We have a lot of similarities. I sprained my low back in 2000 and that's when I developed severe FMS and my CFS that had been in a kind of remission for a decade came roaring back.

    I've continually gotten worse since then and I'm now very bedridden. I was a teacher and there is no way I can ever teach again. I just finished going through my 30 boxes of teaching supplies so I can donate most of them to new teachers next Fall.

    I'm married to a very supportive guy too. :) You know what's amazing? I run into a lot of gals on the web who have very similar stories as this. I meet some of them in Chat here. That place has helped me keep my sanity with all this.

    Another thing is I went into perimenopause in 2000 and it's possible that that has exacerbated my illnesses as they cause hormone dysfunction. Most doctors don't know that perimeno often starts at age 35. The fluctuations in our hormones at this time can cause feelings of hopelessness and doom and anxiety. They can also cause many of the same 35 symptoms as FMS does.

    It was my husband who figured out that my symptoms were cycling with my monthly cycle. I've been feeling much better emotionally about everything since we discovered this. I read a lot at the PowerSurge Message Board too as they sound just like me.

    Coming in here, going to Chat here and to the PS MB have helped me so much. I get through each day by consciously choosing to be happy in spite of what's going on in my life and by counting my blessings. Sometimes I have to count them every few min.

    I have a light laptop with a light laptop tray that I am able to use in my bed and that helps me a lot too. I have a detached laser mouse which can be used on the covers and pillows and is ergonomic.

    This is what's helped me keep my sanity. I also pray a lot and I feel much closer to God. I've noticed that everything in life has taken on a sanctity now. I think that's because I'm in so much pain and so ill all the time. I've also noticed that I still have good times even in these circumstances.

    I understand how you feel. I went through major mourning about all this many years ago but it did get better even though I got worse.


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    Sorry to hear you're having a tough time.

    You might want to look at my profile and see what has helped in my
    fight against depression. Maybe some modalities you will want to try.

    A friend of mine who was also an RN became disabled. She found a part-
    time job w/ a law firm. They had lots of medical records that needed
    review and a summary. Firms that do personal injury law or worker's
    comp usually subpoena lots of medical records, and somebody has to
    wade through them.

    Good luck

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    Hi Deana,
    My best friend is a RN & due to several serious medical conditions she also was unable to hold down her nursing position any longer. She had worked for 12 years in a hospital setting & loved what she did. This is her solution to her problem, & just maybe it may work for you or give you some ideas for something similar. My friend does medical transcribing from her home computer. The doctor sends over some kind of tapes. She listens to it & transcribes it for him. I am sure that you know better than I what this is all about. She understands all of the medical "lingo". She does this part-time. And the great thing is that she can do this any time of day or night, as long as she meets the deadline the doc sets for her. She did this for 1 doctor, & then also for another. Then as her condition worsened, she went back to working for just for 1 doctor. She did not need any special training to do this. Deana, I am so sorry to hear that right now you are unable to continue with your nursing career. Maybe this solution will somehow help you to "keep your foot" in the medical field. Best of luck. Julie
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    These are the medications and supplements that I use ordered by my doctor, chiropractor, and psych doctor.

    1. Remeron 15 mg @hs for sleep and major depression, it’s the only thing that I can tolerate, and does treat my symptoms better than anything else I have tried.

    2. Magnesium 800mg, calcium 400mg, vit D 200UI, zinc 15 mg. I have used this for over two yrs for pain, legs spasms, muscle cramps; 3 daily.

    3. Vitamin B’s supplement; Vit C 500mg, B1-50mg, B2-50mg, Niacin 50mg, folate 50mg, B12-50mg, Biotin 50mg Pantanic acid 50mg. I have taken this for over six yrs suggested by my therapist.

    4. Fatty acids omega 3-780mg, 6-156mg, 9-143mg, flaxseed oil-1300mg 1 daily.

    5. Vitamin D3-1000mg one daily. (Due to low D value on labs ordered by Rheumy.)

    6. D-Ribose, 750mg one daily. (Have taken for over three yrs, for my FM and energy,)

    7. Plant enyzmes; protase 12,500HUT acid stable protease 100SAP, Amylase 2,500DU, Lipase 750 FIP, Cellulose 500CU, Lactase 200LAC, Pepsin from papaya, 6,000 PU, Bromaleinan from pineapple, 5,000PPC ..Have used for over five yrs to treat acid reflux, and it helps, I take one with every meal.

    8. I was taking CQ10, 50mg daily....05/25/09....out of it.

    9. Started three weeks ago, Grape seed extract 120mg daily.

    10. Ligaplex I tabs w/ every meal. (I could not tolerate the usual dose because it made me Hex.) of June 20th I'm on Ligalplex II one a day, to work up to three a day, so far no reactions.

    I have tried to work as a medical; transcriptions, several times and turned down because I was too qualified. I also tried working for insurance, law firms, etc as an RN consultant. Since I could not work even an hour a day without problems, that did not work either.

    I plan to talk to my doctors-all of them too, and maybe just go inactive for now. No one ever knows, when and if I can work again. If I cannot, I will cope with it, and deal with it, through time, accept what I can and cannot do. I'm still waiting on my SSDI comes through, which we are still waiting on; progress is slower than using roller skates uphill. If it does, I can just be listed as disabled on RN license.

    I am going through a grieving process, depression stage which I hate, but must work through it anyways. At age almost 58, I will just have to accept the fact, and I KNOW I CANNOT work at all as a nurse. In my spare time, I am an inspiring writer, too.

    Huggies to all who are going through something similar. Deana

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