Needing Help and Getting Organized

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    We’ve all done this- had to ask the dreaded question of “can you help me?” Whether it’s needing help in cleaning or making it to the store, we all have our limitations and at some time, need to ask for help. Of Course asking for help isn’t easy, especially when met with comments like, “again?” “What now?” or the popular rolling of the eyes. The worst is asking someone to pick up something for you, only to realize that the very next day you need something else. Here are some ideas to try to at least help keep things a little more organized.

    Keep a standard grocery list. Whether you keep this on your computer or prefer to hand write it, this is a great idea for keeping all your grocery items organized. This standard list is what you buy weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on when you go shopping. Print out a copy, hang it on the fridge and make sure to leave a space at the bottom for anything extra or new that isn’t usually on the list. Then all you have to do when you run out of an item is just check mark it, so you know you have to pick it up. If anything comes to mind that you need, write it in the space below, that way if you can’t get to the store and a friend or family member can go for you, they can see what items you need. This can be done with other things as well, such as household items; like paper, pens, light bulbs, cleaners, cleaning products etc… even do a list of toiletries. All this just helps to keep things organized and minimize those next day phone calls to your friend.

    Can you do without? Another tip is if you do realize that you have forgotten something, really weigh it out to see if it’s something that you can do without until the next grocery trip or even if it can wait a few days. Then see if
    another friend or family member is set to visit the grocery or department store that week, instead of the same person all the time. If not, then you may need to just grin and bear the comments and rolled eyes. Also a good idea is to keep a journal lying around with a pen. I have one in the bedroom, as I can’t go downstairs to write on the fridge if the thought comes to me in the middle of the night. So keep a journal and pen around and if something comes to your attention that you need you can jot it down so you don’t forget. Then when you have a chance, compare it to the list on the fridge.

    Always remember to every so often send your helper a little thank you. It doesn’t have to cost much, even just a little thank you card with their favorite chocolate or just an email or e-card to let them know you appreciate their help. Sometimes it helps to be recognized and appreciated. It may help the next time you call them for a helping hand - they just might not feel the need to roll their eyes.

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    Excellent advice. I'll remember this. I don't know what I would do without my pantry. i try to keep extras of everything. My hubby is always amazed how I can come up with an extra when he loses something or runs out of something ---and give me NO notice until he is packing his suitcase for a business trip!

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