Needing prayers for a friend of mine and hubbys...

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    You all know that I had asked for prayers for Rick's job situation, and now you know that those prayers were answered, Thank God! Now, I have a similar request for a friend of ours. Our friend is a preacher, very good person, always there to help someone in need, he was there for me and Rick when I lost my dad, and has been there many more times since. He works at for the same company that Rick worked at, and has been there almost as long as Rick. For about 15 years, they haved worked side by side together. Now, as of late, Rick and our friend have been going through the same problems at work, they have not had a feeling of job security for quite a while. This was not known to either my husband or myself until just this morning, but we found out that Rick was going to be laid off this winter, with a very slim chance of being called back! God came through for us just in time! Our friend feels this same fear of losing his job also. There have been rumors that the manager of this company has gotten rid of one of his problems and is looking to get rid of this other 'problem'. I know I have been asking alot of you all lately, but I know firsthand the power of prayer and have experienced God's wonderful works. Would you please pray with me for our friend? Thanks all.
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    You are all so special!
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    I`m saying prayers for your friend as you requested. God bless you!

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    Prayers will be coming from this little part of Wisconsin for you friends. Yes there really is power in Prayer. Hugs, Marian 'Granma'
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    Thanks to you both for the prayers! I know that our friend thanks you also!
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    Will keep your friend in prayer for his job. May the Lord richly bless him and his family.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thank you both for your prayers!