Needing support FM/CFIDS for me and 12yro DD

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    Hello all,

    My name is Kim (46). I have FM/CFIDS and several other wonderful conditions. I have 3 children 24, in the Navy, 15, in High School and 12. My 12yo is a sister suffer of FM/CFIDS. We have both been ill for around 7 years.

    I, of course, have been in some support groups. I have now found myself without one. I actuallly was here years ago. But things change. I am reaching out for support and hope to give some, too. I am also wondering if there are any mothers here who are raising children that are ill.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

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    I care for my son who is ill.

    Not only do I suspect fms but he also has epilepsy, juvinile arthritis and sleep apnea, he also has a speech impediment.

    He is 12 but has the mind of a 8-9yr old.

    At first when he had epilepsy he had complex partial seizures which were bad enough but now he has begun to have Grand Mal seizures, which concern us because he could fall and injure himself.

    Were lucky that at school he has one teacher that is assigned to him, so when he had his first Grand Mal she was there to make sure he did'nt injure himself.

    I am concerned now because next school year he will be in middle school and I am going to have to make sure he has an adult to walk with him to all of his classes, I know I can't protect him forever but as long as I can I will.

    He is my baby, he was 10-11wks preemie and had to have a blood transfusion and they still thought he wouldn't make it, he proved them wrong. He weighed 3lbs which was a plus for him, they said it was because I had gestational diabetes and babies born to diabetic mothers are usually big.

    Well better go son's bus will be here soon.

    Take care, Pamela
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    Special Hugs to Pamela and Amy! Both hugs of Pain and Joy.

    My daughter first showed symptoms around 6yrs old, so I understand, Amy. And, I, just believing I had FM, not dx'd yet...everyone thought I was just "seeing" it in her. Even though, they believed me. I do believe that I was more sensitive to her pain because of mine, but only real pain, as I would have given all of my physical abilities for her to have had no pain. But, God had other plans...and in those plans are good.

    Oh Pamela, we are facing the Middle School monster, too. She wants to go so bad. She has been able to go to school for 1/2 the year for the last 3 yrs and then we have had to have a tutor at home. I homeschooled her for 1st and 2nd grade. After that, I couldn't do it anymore, it was just too hard for me. I do hope she recovers enough over the summer to attend at least for awhile. My 15yo son has ADHD and has had a lot of pain. We just found out he has a flat foot!!! and shoe inserts will fix some of that. I am sure you can imagine my joy at something being an easy fix! He is a hard one to let go, not for the same reasons, but so scattered at times...

    Amy, I do believe that everyone is different and it sounds like you teach your girls the same types of things that I try to teach my kids. My girl and then the older ones are boys.

    I look forward to talking to you and others about the Joys and Sorrows of having such a different lifestyle.

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