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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by boochaucer, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. boochaucer

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    I saw a new Rheumy Tues after waiting a month for my appt despite the fact that I've been asleep since Xmas...sleeping 16-22 hrs a day. I lost my job in dec and have not been able to look for off borrowed $$$ and not sure what I'm gonna do cause that is not limitless, of course.
    So I finally get in to see her, and she tells me she doesn't know why my pcp sent me to her for fatigue...that "If you've read anything about Fibromyalgia the fatigue makes you feel tired but you can still function and perform normal daily tasks" she then proceded to inform me that I was "depressed" and needed to see a psychiatrist!!

    Does anyone else with FMS have Fatigue like this?? I was dx in 1999 with FMS and poss Rheum arthritis (which is in remission if in fact i have it).
  2. Cactuslil

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    I think something sideways hit this doc! I don't know what your insurance protocal allows, but I would document my complaints and make another run at proper treatment.

    At my first visit to the rheumy, as I sat in is examing office was The Patients Bill of Rights hanging on the doorback for all to read.

    I am truly sorry you have such an experience! Keep at it so you can mitigate your losses. You may well have some form of arthritis; most of us do but you do not have to allow it to worsen or add to the list of possibles!

    Dig in and get a good treatment plan going! and yes, my fatigue is overwhelming. I just recently began taking Provigil and yes, it does help but it does not cause you to feel as if you are on amphetamine, ritalin et al. Lil'
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    Have you had tests run for Thyroid Disease? If not get to your doc & have them run ASAP. TSH, Free T4 & Free T3.

  4. dd

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    I have CFS and FM. I am in a really bad flare with the FM right now and the fatigue is relentless. I am finding that I am sleeping more these days too.

    If your insurance allows, I would try to find another doc that will treat you right.


  5. boochaucer

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    I was tested in 99 for various things...including thyroid...all tests came back negative. this new doc did however, draw labs on tues, and i'm still waiting for those results.

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    I think it's important that we try to keep open minds. I know you're hurting and have had to deal with a lot in your recent life. You have many challenges right now, fatigue being just one of them. Although there may be a purely physical reason for your overwhelming need to sleep, you could be depressed as well. As you investigate labs etc., please check this out as well. It may be part of the puzzle.
  7. boochaucer

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    thanks for your reply. :) I am depressed, cause I can't wake up and hurt all the time. I'm taking 40mg Prozac a day which has helped with my depression...but I still am EXHAUSTED!!

    i can no longer do more than one thing a day (ie take a shower OR go grocery shopping)and even that is too much most days.