Neg. Lyme Then Positive through IgeneX

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  1. lilbird

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    Has anyone had repeated Negative Lyme test through regular lab and then had a positive test through IgeneX??? I have had 4 neg. western Blot tests through Labcorp. Thinking I should get tested through IgeneX.

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    I have. I had one negative through Mid America Clinical labs, and then positive through Igenex. Unfortunately, my ID is discounting the Igenex test attributing them to be a lab in it for the money. But, aren't all labs in it to make money?
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    through others but positive thru igenex. I wish I knew if the test was accurate. It makes a big difference on treatment.

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    and positive with I genex . I definitely think my test was VERY accurate .

    There have been others here who posted they had negative results through I genex . One of my co workers was recently tested via Igenex and Bowen and was negative on both .

    Of course these labs are having more positives now . These tests are more accurate and sensitive . It is no secret that the tests have been routinely emplyed in the past are almost useless and very unreliable .
  6. lilbird

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    I am going to talk to the Dr. and see if he will test me again through IgeneX, even if I have to pay out of pocket.

    I have had several ticks over the past 20 or so years. I had a rash at the site with one about 20 years ago. I also had a positive lyme test about 15 years ago. The Dr. then told me not to worry about it because it wasn't very high. I'm not sure what that was suppose to mean. But I think there is a very good possibility that I have lyme.

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    People--don't you think its just a bit fishy that so many folks have negative tests with numerous other labs, but it just so happens that Igenex comes up with all these positives. that was the point of my earlier post about lyme being a fad diagnosis--not that it isn't real--just that it is now a fad with many alternative docs. I had the exact same experience. Numerous negatives then I went to a new alt doc who wanted to do another test with igenex. I asked him what percent of his tests come back positive--he said 100% of the over 300 tests he had sent to igenex werre positive. Believe it or not, he admitted that I had asked a very good question and he could not explain why 100% were positive. He said no doc is that good at diagnosing patients. But, he went on to say he would continue to use them even though I turned down the very expensive test.

    Some of you may have lyme, but many of you are getting hoodwinked and then taking the very dangerous step of long term antibiotic treatment. Think about it--
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    that there are lots of people whose lives have been saved by long-term antibiotics (incl. me) and that the risk of having untreated Lyme is significant.

    In addition, Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and less focus should be given to tests. 'Slagging off' a lab (on hear-say and rumor) is really not fair. Also, it would be more fair to give equal attention to the labs that seem to have a cloer to 100% negative rate don't you think?

    I know it seems to be falling on deaf ears, or selective hearing perhaps, but does it not have any bearing to you how people respond to the antibiotics in reality rather than what you have read might happen IN THEORY?

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    and what DLL and others have been trying to get across. Even the CDC state lyme is a clinical diagnosis. I know others who have had negative results at Igenex, or other labs, some of these when retested after being on ABx for a while then get positive test resuts.

    There is nothing new about zoonotic infections, I've lived in countries where they are common place and better understood. What we have to be aware of is there appears to be a marked increase in their occurrance. Rather than tryng to deny this is going on there should be more education so doctors recognise it earlier. The earlier lyme is treated the better the potential outcome.

    ME/CFS & FM do not = lyme disease. However, there are many who have LD as part of their illness, and some who have lyme disease and not ME/CFS or FM at all. Lyme is referred to as the great imitatator for good reason.

    Most of us are aware of the risks of ABx, so are LLMDs. As with any treatment protocols doctors and patients have to weigh up the pros and cons.


  10. gottagetbetter

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    I don't want to DEBATE about lyme testing but here is what I can tell you from my personal experience.

    I had 2 negative test results. One from Labcorp the other Quest. I then tested Positive through Igenex..13 bands positive. I also have Babesia,Ehrlichia, and Bartonella.

    I have been informed that the difference in the labs is that Igenix uses 100% antigen where as the other labs do not. The antigen is very expensive.

    Hope this helps!
    ~P :O)
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    It seems almost impossible to tell the difference between lyme and CFS based by the symptoms. They are almost identical, so I dont understand how it can be a clinical diagnosis? How do you tell the difference when there is no memory of a bite, no rash and the rest of the symptoms are the same?
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    Hi ya,

    That is the kind of answer I was looking for. I have an phone appt. today with my Dr. from the FFC. I am going to insist I have another test done through IgeneX. I just want to be sure.

    I'm also thinking if I test positive through IgeneX and I start ABX treatment won't I start to feel better or maybe worse in the begaining. Won't that in its self be comformation?

    just thinking out loud.

  13. dontlikeliver

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    This is why I wonder why anyone with a dx of CFS does not question the CFS diagnosis. (that is not meant to be offensive, but serious, I did not for a long long time and it cost me years, 14 to be exact).

    Most people with Lyme do not remember a bite, even those 'lucky' enough to get a bullseye rash and early treatment. My husband included.

    The most surefire way to find out though would be to treat (for Lyme) and see the response.

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    Many of the people that go to Igenex in the first place (or even know about it for that matter)probably have been suffering for many years w/ "lyme like/CFS symptoms". Therefore, it would make sense that many of these patients did end up having lyme disease. The average person without long term unresolved medical problems would not ask for a test for Igenex since it is unlikely they have it. And, like a few people said, there are many people who have tested negative from Igenex, but I am going to pose that question in another post to satisfy my own curiousity.
  15. gottagetbetter

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    I would personally suggest you invest in seeing a LLMD. The reason I would suggest this is to rule out Lyme and its co-infections.

    I was losing my life. They thought I had cancer and were doing bone marrow biopsy and all kinds f great ests. White cells were non existent due to Ehrlichia and red cells were low due to babesia.

    Even though I saw a LLMD to get a diagnosis I am doing all alternative and have recovered 60% in 4 months. NO abx except for one dose of Doxy that caused bells palsy. So you can get better with alternatives.

    I hope this helps you!! By the way I live in Texas and traveled to Missouri to see Dr Crist. He has a great website. I would suggest a gtreat book for you..even if you don't have lyme disease its called "Beating Lyme Disease with Alternative Medicine and God-Designed Living". Detoxing is very important in the healing process with any chronic illness.