NEGATIVE COMMENT from my boss yesterday..I was surprised

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  1. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    Hey eveyrone!
    You all know I work for a Chiropractor (well, some of you know). Ive been there for almost two months now. He started adjusting me about 2 week sago. I have been having some success adn I have been able to move much better which I am oh so greatful for and for the most part my pain levels have been down and tolerable...that is, until yesterdays day of rain and cool air. SO anyway, heres the concerning thing that is bothering me somewhat;

    Yesterday was my day off but I had to bring kids in for their adjustments and huby came for his too. I was hurting like heck yesterday becuase it was rainy and cold and I was feelign a bit miserable and I was also on the brink of a migraine from my My boss, the Doc, told me to hop on up and he would adjust me again. I decided to tell him that I had fibromyalgia...I didnt want to disclose this info becaus eof the prejudice people out there but I was in bad shape, he asked why I looked so bad so I told him...THAT WAS A MISTAKE...
    He explained to me that he doesnt "believe" in fibromyalgia and it doesnt exist. SHOCKING to find out hes exactly the type of person I try to AVOID telling about my fibro because I cant stand people who dont believe this is for real.... That in fact (in his opinion) all the pain that "fibromyalgics" feel is all from the degenerated disc disease in the spine and thats what is causing all the pain especially on bad weather days because it causes the body to act like a human barometer. I was kinda shocked at him. I dont believe this is not a real disease and I frown upon those who dont believe in the reality of it. I regret disclosing that I had it and Ill never bring it up again but I was really disappointed in the Doc.

    Dont get me wrong...hes been giving me long overdue relief and its free for me and the family, but I HATE IT when someone says that Fibro is NOT a real illness and hteres no such thing...ya know what I say to that?
    WALK ONE DAMN DAY IN MY SHOES..then we shall see the response!

    Anyway, as much as I think hes a great chiropractor and he believe truly in homeopathic healing, I was so disappointed when he said that to me. I felt really ashamed I even said anything about my health.

    thanks for listening. SOme people need a BIG SMACK IN THE HEAD of reality dont they?

    Heres a kicker for ya...the other girl Toby (24 yrs old)who started this job the same time I did and is sweet as could be, told me the other day she suffers from fibromyalgia...
    At least SOMEONE there can relate. I wonder how she felt when she disclosed that info to him becuase she began at first as a patient and then was hired when there were job openings. Next time I see her Ill have to quietly pull her aside and find out.

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  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I think a lot of specialists think that they can cure people with whatever they're specialists in.

    My psychopharmacologist (psychiatrist who specializes in prescribing drugs) always thinks he can cure my tiredness by adjusting what I'm on.

    He was particularly enthusiastic when I told him that one day of Provigil made me into my old self again. The fact that I crashed for three days afterwards did not make him give up.

    I think it's kind of nice of him to keep trying to help me, even though he's not on the right track. He's definitely solved the mood-disorder problems that do fit into his realm, and I'm grateful for that.

    Eventually everybody will recognize fibro/cfs as real disease(s). Until then, if people believe that I'm sick (and don't accuse me of making it up) and actually do help me, I'm not that concerned about whether they get the name right.

    The truth is, no one knows what causes these diseases anyway. If somebody can treat some of the symptoms---regardless of what they call it---more power to them.

    P.S. My "CFS doctor" who knows more about this than anyone I've ever met doesn't use the term CFS either because he feels it's not that helpful in allowing him to identify specific problems and treat them. So it's not necessarily an insult or even a lack of knowledge.....
  3. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I'm a long term FM sufferer, and am simply blown away that such a devistating, and not so uncommon, health problem is treated with such horrible attitudes.

    My doctor is back on the fitness bandwaggen again, even though, she said herself, that she had to check my age because my general blood tests and weight were very good for my we go again!!!!

    Just as a point of interest, I found out last year that many of my symptoms are coming from a colapsing disk C5/6, plus inner ear damage, although I still believe I have FM. I do question whether FM has a connection with spinal damage.

    There seem to be a number of people who had no FM until they had a car accident, or had an operation, and then wound up with disc damage, and FM.

    I have to agree that I also would like to bash quite a few people over the head....they sure don't have a clue about what we're really going through.
  4. leubie

    leubie New Member

    Oh my goodness-----------I cant believe this-----------------------------sorry you had to listen to all this esp. since you work there--------I hope HIS ATTITUDE does not affect your working condition. I think that is very nice that works on your family and has brought you some much needed relief-----------I only hope he does not hold YOUR FIBRO-----------AGAINST YOU-------- We all know this is a real disease------a real problem---------that needs real ATTENTION!!!!!!---AND YOU DESERVE someone that BELIEVES IN YOU AND FIBROMYALGIA!!!!!---------I am sorry that i am ranting--------i am just so tired of people not supporting us----esp. those in the medical community--------here -----you have a job----a contributing member of the community(while you are sick------no less)----doing your part---------and the one person THAT should support you-----------does not believe------maybe ????? atleast he could read/,learn or ask a few questions to be a little help for you--------maybe he knows someone in the medical comminity that could support you!!!!!ANYWAYS--------we are here----always--------My name is Laura--------Im not a Doctor-----------but im here and do LISTEN-------------please forgive me for such a long vent-----------but ill be here for you------------LOVE TO ALL-----LAURA
  5. shar6710

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    Maybe you can look on the bright side-he's not saying he doesn't believe that you are in pain. He just doesn't agree with the cause of your pain or the name it's been given.

    That's probably more than you get from a lot of MDs.
  6. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    had great advice. It's unfortunate, but as long as he is of that mindset I guess he can call it what he wants AS LONG AS HE MAKES IT BETTER! My Dr or chiro don't believe it either. I appreciate that my dR just tells me he doesn't know what's wrong..
  7. Butterfly_of_grace

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    I know Im lucky he at least acknowledges my pain and doesnt think Im a Hypochondriac like my fmaily does so yes Im greatful for that and the relief he is bringing for now. ALthough today Im hurt herniated disc is real bad. Not sure how I tweaked it but its BAD. I hope it will ease up before I go back to work tomorrow consiering Im on my feet for 4 1/2 hours and well, when my back is this bad, I can barely tolerate the pain...but then again, he will adjust me so maybe that will help tomorrow. For now, Ill live.

    As far as he disagreeing with firbo being "real" thers nothing I can do but hope and pray he doesnt look at me in a bad way now like my past bosses have. I dont trust people anymore or their judgemental ways. I pray he wont look at me in a different light. Im really good at my job and he is a very job-oriented boss and very focuse don that so as long as I keep doing well I dont think he will hold it over my head....but again, I dont trust people so who knows.

    thanks for the responses!
  8. Butterfly_of_grace

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    when you say there are alot of Chiropractors who think that if they adjust you it will cure/fix the least thats what I thought they were all saying in the past...including my boss. But really what they (corrective care chiropractors)are saying is that adjusting subluxations helps your body function to the beat ability, allowing the messages from the brain to get to the organ(s) that it needs to get to to function 100%therefor giving the body the power to help heal itself. Its not a cure all or a fix it solution but it does in fact help the body heal itself of many things including high BP,asthma, allergies and such. I never believed in this before until now since I see the results on a daily basis..believe me, its incredible what I see.

    Anyhoooo I dont think it will ever cure the Fibro nor will it fix the herniated disc or what discs I have already degenerated, but in my case it certainly brings relief, it has helped me sleep better (until PMS sets in LOL!). All I care about is some relief, not a cure because I know thats not possible at this time.

    I just wish the world would get better educated in Fibro so we sufferers dont have to feel persecuted and chastisied and given the title hypochondriac. Its very upsetting...they certianly wouldnt call a diabetic or a heart patient a hypochondriac...thats what gets me.

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