Negativity and bad luck and and pain

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    Boy today has/is a trial.

    Started out forgetting my valium and blood pressure pill. My day at my client went well in North Carolina. Thought I would leave early for airport. Driver in front of me got cut off and slammed on her break, I ran into her, rental car, thought I was going to miss my flight, but did not. My whole body is hurting worse,nerves bad. Plan was delayed. Just got home from airport at 1:00 am, left for airport at 4:30 pm. Oh and when I went to find my liscence I thought I lost it. Got to parking structure in Pittsburgh and lost my parking ticket. That delayed me even longer. Got home and opened mail and my car insurance was cancelled with no given reason. Just bought a new Caddy CTS in june???? I was told in June it would be taken out of my account(payment) was not. Went to see if I could pay it online and it said it was "cancelled manually" whatever that means. I don't get my bills when I work in North Carolina and live in Ohio and also have a home in Michigan. Started out a month ago, I quit my job becuase it was killing me mentally and physically. So started my business up again , great money all expenses paid, but airplane really make me hurt. And security line was an hour long "standing". I am taking a risk by only taking a contract for 6-9 months but have to. Hopefully the insurance is just a mix up. Otherwise what do I do with a brand new Caddy CTS???? I could go on and on but I won't because there is/and "will" be taken care of tomorrow. Heck I even tried to pay the next 5 months at one time and it would not let me. My credit is good after 10 years of a bankruptcy fall off. But if I have to default on the car loan because of ins. how can I work at all. I would say I was sorry for venting but I needed to my therapist quit, so I don't have one. Oh and the heat in NC....grrrr and humidity, plus sinus infection and a sunburn where I looked liked I was a leper.

    Kind thought please.....

    Fibro hugs and think of me I need it(and a drink...hahaha.

  2. rockgor

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    You need a therapeutic drink. Here in CA that would probably be a protein
    smoothie or a margarita.

    Sorry you had a rough day. Do you have an insurance agent? What does he
    /she say? Do you have a copy of the policy. What does it say regarding

    How about a 12 step program if your therapist is gone? Maybe you already
    have one? Emotions Anonymous was a big help for me. You can look on line
    to see if there are meetings near you.

    Good luck.

  3. Jittle

    Jittle Member

    I would need a week off after just one day of that.

    Hope it is getting better. As far as the airport... do you use any kind of walking aid (cane, etc...) this would help you bypass the normal line, I think.
    I have a sinus infection that refuses to leave. NJ finally caught a break from humidity, but will come back in a couple of days: So bad I am stuck in the house until sunset most days.

    Take a breath, get that drink (lol) and hope it gets better soon.

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