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  1. lois1023

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    Please pray for my nephew James and his unit in Afganistan. They just flashed a news banner on Fox News. His unit has been engaged in a battle and has suffered losses. There is nothing left to do but pray until we know whether he is safe.

  2. KyLady

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    Know that your nephew is in our prayers. Many of us come here and don't post but pray.

    I will soon have two nephews over in Iraq and Afganistan, so I know how heartbreaking it is to just hear some news but nothing definate.

    My prayers are with you and him.

  3. cinnabarsib

    cinnabarsib New Member

    I will pray for your nephew Lois and all of our armed services and people trying to help that country~oh that this war was over. The waiting & not knowing is so hard,I pray for you and James`s family~~~~ with hope and love, Sib
  4. cinnabarsib

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    Came here this morn with heavy heart & a need for prayer but I read your post Lois and mine are trivial compared to your anguish in waiting for news about your nephew James. We are all praying for him as well as the men & women fighting along with him. I know how you feel~a brother who has been in so many wars~a son in the last one over there. Dear Lord, give Lois peace in knowing so many are praying for her dear nephew James and for good news coming soon! Thank you our dear Lord,Amen. with hope and love~~~~Sib
  5. lois1023

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    He is on the phone with his Dad as I write this. He is safe and uninjured.

    Thanks for all your prayers

  6. lois1023

    lois1023 New Member

    He just recently got there so he is just starting. I just pray he returns soon and stays safe.

  7. cinnabarsib

    cinnabarsib New Member

    My service here went down? for awhile & I just now read your wonderful news! So thankful! ~~~~~~with hope and love, Sib