Nephrocalinosis (calcify Kidney)

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    I am a female 30 years old and normally in good health.

    I am feeling very alone because they can't tell me what is wrong with me and they can't fix any of the problems I am having till they figure out what is going on with me.

    The docs don't know what is wrong with me. I am waiting for a ct scan to come back and also blood results. I just got some urine results back that indicated blood in the urine as well as my protein count was slightly high, he said the score was 15 high normal is 14.

    Symptoms I have been having include...
    Flank pain, nausea, head twitches (visible, sometimes very big one that hurt my neck), muscle spasms, painful joints, tiredness, highblood pressure, sensitivity to light (eyes), headaches, swelling of the feel and hands at night. My arms hands, and feet ache so bad at night it wakes me up. Sometimes numbness in my legs and feet as well as in my hands and fingers. I am so weak. I have lost a lot of strength. Blood in my urine (non visible only shows up on tests), as well as they have been treating my for depression for well over a year. No kidney stones!

    I am so frustrated with this. My life is on hold and I feel so alone with it all. My husband has been great, but I wonder when he will get tired of it.

    So I am asking if anyone relate to these symptoms. I understand that it is not answers, I just need to know if someone else is going through this.

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    It sounds like you are having a difficult time. Do you have any other symptoms, such as increased facial/body hair, weight gain (around the middle possibly) or inability to sleep/high anxiety?

    You didn't mention those, but if you have any of those symptoms as well, it could be cushing's syndrome or disease. a friend of mine had your symptoms for about a year or a bit longer, plus the ones I mentioned and that's what they found. It wreaked havoc on her kidneys. I hope you get some answers.
    I hope your cat scan and other tests show the problem.