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  1. redtex

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    has anyone used this product for pain relief? i have been reading about it on the internet and it sounds incredible. it is a combination of enzymes that is supposed to reduce fibrin in the muscles. i would like to here from anyone who has tried it. it is pretty expensive.
  2. dreamharp

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    For Fibroids. When I first started taking it it felt like
    I had a live animal in my stomach-very strange feeling.
    I took the product for about 2 months. Overall I noticed
    no change. A rip off for me and money down the drain!

    There are other off brand enzymes (copycats) at a much
    cheaper price if you want to try it.
    Personally, I think it is overated.


  3. atlantaga

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    Neprinol changed my life, until Neprinol changed the product. The "new" Neprinol in no way works as effectively at the "original" Neprinol. I, therefore, have been forced to find an alternative to Neprinol.<BR>
    Purchasing Neprinol now (in 2011) is totally a waste of my time and money ... and the stuff is expensive. It is too bad that the product has changed so significantly and that it no longer works for me.