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    Hello it,s been a long time since i have been on this site,nice to see it is still here.I have fm cmp plmd,ptsd. And yes osteo arthuritis in my hands also . I am 56 been on ssdi since i was 50 yrs old.I ache from head to toe,s at time ,also ache over brige of nose daily.Question is i have steady twitching all over body since the beginning.Do any of you have this problem also? As we all know had every test done before dx with fibro.Also i have small knots over my body that are tender to touch.Is this from cmp? And how can i resolve these?I am now on lyrica with other meds.Not much difference.
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    .... if we are talking about the same thing - they are called fasciculations. I was having about 20,000 per day for several months until recently when a practitioner put me onto Folinic Acid (which is a methylated form of Folic Acid). Within one week the fasciculations lessened to about two hundred per day and have stayed that way.

    Each person has their own deficiencies and 'one cure doesn't fit all' but this Thorne brand Folinic Acid helped me tremendously.
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    Welcome back! :)

    I get twitching all over all the time too, like it'll be in the same place in my right hand and then later in my leg etc...I also have small knots all over. I hate it.

    Meg, that's interesting info. I didn't realize the twitching had a name. Sounds like that remedy helps a lot.