Nerve Attack? No Doctor Available.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    Hi, you know me.

    Desperate as always, need some immediate advice again.

    I've had my thing for 15 months now.

    My only family practice doctor just threw up his hands last week and said he didn't see how he could help me anymore. So, no one to go to.

    I'll try to explain this constant thing I am having . But hard to explain anything anymore. Brain fog and how do you explain something you have no words for. But must try.

    I have this nerve haywire feeling that seems somewhere inside of me in my mid-upper back , through my upper cheast and up into neck area. I think in upper stomach area some too. It feels like a tremoring panicky tenseness, even slightly painful nerve attacking feeling. It goes up through my neck and throat tighten up and makes my head shake and my brain seems to be getting a signal that something is so wrong. It doesn't let up for one second.

    My blood pressure goes up when I have this too.

    I keep thinking it may be mental and go through every coping drill that I have been told and taught. Deep breathing, relax, soothing music. Good thoughts. Nothing works.

    I know if I take lorazapam it seems to calm this 50%.
    But I am desperately trying not to get dependent on these tranquilizers.

    I am thinking of getting some Valerian and trying this but something tells me I have some nerve damage and this isn't coming from my mind.

    It builds to where I feel like I am going to pass out. I am so shakey and exhausted with this.

    Good lord...any quick thoughts, suggestions?

    If I go to a doctors on Duty they will jjuust tell me to take tranquilizers. But again, even this doesn't com0letely get rid of this anymore.

    Oh boy...for those who say we aren't being trotured with these undiagnosed illness, I would take a poke at anyone who said I was exaggerating this right now. Man, I am so tired and hurting with this. I take deep long breaths imagining by some miracle that as I exchale it will go away. But it won't.

    Ohhh boy. Thanks, JB

  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    You may want to consider googling Russell Blaylock MD. He has some very good info on things that affect the brain and ways to help it heal. His info has helped me a ton.
  3. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    I got an emergency appointment 35 miles away at a rheumotoligist. Going right now. Gang, I'm in tears, I really am. This hurts so bad and is making me feel so completely suffering, tremoring, head shaking,even nauseous back near neck feels like it is going to tighten so much I can't take anymore. Panicking, blood pressure building.

    My God, when is the medical community going to do more for us? I don't want to just be tranquilized and sent home a zombie anymore.
  4. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Several years ago I had a prolonged attack like this - it affected my whole body for several months and included diarrhoea, fever etc.

    Unfortunately the only thing that helped me too was a benzodiazepine but I used them too often and beacame dependent. I am going to have to cut my use.

    I would suggest you carry on with INTERMITTENT use only of the benzo eg when symptoms are at worst and try to relax (hard I know) using a guided relaxation from the net or a CD.

    I can't really offer any more help but I can tell you these symptoms eased a lot over time and are not much of a problem lately. I now have just been diagnosed with FM though on top of CFS, MCS etc.

    It never ends does it?!

    Good luck getting your appointment,

    Love Bunchy xxx
  5. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    I have some wachy sx too and would like to know what is wrong with you. Unfortunetly, pain killer tramadol and xanax and clonopin are the only things I have found to make me feel better and function I don't consider myself addicted. The medicine is made for people that need it and if you had to take a heart med everyday would you be addicted to that? Try not to worry about stuff like that if it really helps you.

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