Nerve Conduction test in arm??

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    Tues. i had (didn't know i would have it) a conduction test in my right arm. Apparently something was wrong as I had a voice mail yesterday to make an appt. For what, I have no idea. I was aware that the shocks were not as strong in that arm as they were in the left arm.

    To make matters worse, the next evening at choir rehearsal , mky right werist began to hurt and get red. I have had 3 C-sectionsd and never had pain like that. I couldn't lay my arm anywhere, I didn't know how to get out of my recliner, etc. I was in tears - never had cried to pain before. I had tried to ask my lady pastor (full of vim and vigor) for a hug and a blessing before I went home. She kept talking to others so I went home. That hurt me and seemed to make the pain more terrific..

    I*t hurt and got red, but not as bad, yesterday when I had to bring in lots of groceries. Better today but curious as to what r. wants to say.

    Any ideas/ Anyone had this test? Anyone had this sort of reactionh to tyhe shocks?

    Gentle hugs and lots of ???

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    lilaclover30 New Member

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    Hi Joan,

    So sorry to hear about your painful experience. I'm posting here because I had this test done about 15 years ago, and it was also very painful. I was lucky enough to have it subside over the next several weeks, but still to this day have times when it will flare again for a short while. I would never have one of these done again. And I would caution others who may have this procedure recommended to them.

    Be well, Wayne

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