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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mymichelina, Oct 30, 2006.

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    My neurologist attempted to apply a Nerve Conduction Test but could not because I was in so much pain from the lowest "voltage". I tried not to scream and I cried while they tried but did not continue. I also had from him a lumbar puncture that I did ok with at first but my blood pressure suddenly dropped to around 45 over 50 my husband said and naturally I fainted and they had a hard time bringing me to.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Either of these?

  2. I have had an EMG on my right leg, where the neuro sticks a tiny needle into each different muscle, & delivers electrical impulses, to see how the muscle functions/receives messages from the brain...

    I was* glad he only did the right leg. I definitely couldn't have done all four limbs, and probably not even both legs that day. Not fun to have needles, electrical shocks, and a neuro pushing/pulling your leg having you do the opposite....all while a needle is in the muscle..

    A lot of neuro tests are not fun. My favorite?--the EEG, lol

    MRI's nowadays can put me to sleep on the right day. Other times I think my head will split right in half in the middle of it----that'd be something for them to see in the middle of imaging! lol

    Was it an EMG you had, or---ugh!@ another painful test...the Somatosensory Evoked Response test (SSER/Evoked Potentials....)

    With that one, they stick electrodes under the knees, between the thumb & index finger, some on the spine area, some at the ankle, and--I think top of the foot...

    Then they play "let's see how high we can crank this ***** up!" That too, in one foot more than the other, was *excrutiating,* and I cried and slid around (writhed!) in the recliner the whole time. where the electrode was, on the inside of my left ankle...I told my mom, it actually felt like someone tapping a lit cigar into my heel, over and over (each shock) OMG, I swear I looked down, to check for SMOKE!

    Suprisingly, I thought that meant the left foot was messed up, because it burned soooo terribly...then they did the right foot, and it's all about crankin it up til they can get all 5 toes to flap/fan right foot would not. The woman checked all the leads...did it big toe slightly flinched..

    I was told I did have damage in the right one.

    My mom said she bet if she'd put me on water, I'd have taken off flying accrossed it like an electrified duckie!

    We were on our way to get food, and I still kept checking the inside of my left ankle for *burn marks* I was stunned that there weren't any.

    I was lucky too...the lady said the machine had just come back from being repaired...I think someone left it cranked all the way up to start with! OUCH!

    Whatever test you had done, I'm sorry to hear you had stop the test, but, I can understand, It is painful. I just had to tell myself, we had to find out what was going on with me, (why my right leg was buckling, causing me to fall, etc) and, I wasn't going to turn back halfway through---probably (I'm SURE) charge me just the same.

    $1400+ for ONE LEG! Glad I DIDn"T have any other limbs done! and TG for insurance..

    Take care, rest up, I know you had a rough day, so sorry.

  3. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    Thanks for responding to my topic, I think it may have been an EEG but i forgot, as usual. I am sorry you went through so much! I do remember needles, it was tramatic. I have really been flaring badly lately so my wrting has to be limited because my hand hurts so much.

    gentle hugs

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