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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Neicee99, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Neicee99

    Neicee99 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't posted since October of 2006 but I have been reading the postings every now and again. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a Nerve Conductive Study test done? I was at my rheumy on Friday and mentioned to him that I have been dropping lots of things lately, difficulty typing the right letters, the tips of my fingers have been like in a numbing state for a couple of years. He pulled out a huge safety pin and did the prick test down each and every finger and the palms and wrists. I only reacted to pain 3 times out of all of the pin pricks. He now is ordering this test to see if I have carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy, ulnar neuropathy, or arthritis. I heard it is pretty painful.

    I hope everyone is feeling okay and making it through their days.

    Hugs to all

  2. spiritsky

    spiritsky Member

    Yes, I had one done about 18 months ago. It's not enjoyable and I couldn't wait for it to be over. But if it's necessary then it's worth the discomfort. For me, they found nothing out of the ordinary. So it was a relief in the end and allowed me to look elsewhere from answers.

    Good luck...hang in there.
  3. foggygirl

    foggygirl New Member

    I had one done about 6 months ago and it was a piece of cake, in fact, my daughter was with me and we were both in a silly mood and I giggled thru most of it.

    The test itself didn't hurt, then he lightly ran his hand along that muscle by the arch of my foot and I about went thru the THAT really hurt! He said so many of my muscles were tight as a drum--go figure.

    Either I'm the odd one out, or it isn't painful for everyone.

    Good luck

  4. BobinGermany

    BobinGermany New Member

    Hi Neicee,

    I have had it done twice. It really was not painful for me just more of a weird feeling. It's not really bad and it doesn't take too long.

    God Bless,
  5. Neicee99

    Neicee99 New Member

    Thanks so much for your reply. I cannot wait for April 11th to come and go. I'll post after it is done.

  6. Neicee99

    Neicee99 New Member

    Thanks so much for your reply. I hate waiting and April 11th is so far away. HOpefully everything will be fine. I am pretty tough so I can probably stick it out.

  7. Neicee99

    Neicee99 New Member

    I like your screenname. Thanks for the reply and hopefully they do will find nothing wrong and I can move on.


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