nerve damage??

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    Has anyone experienced severe nerve pain with this dd? I hurt so bad now it is hard to stand and they say I now have nerve damage? Does anyone of you have this? I know with all of my heart this dd is progressive whether they say it is or not? If anyone can give me some suggestions on how to live with this suffering and pain I would so appreciate it? God bless all of you..I know how you suffer.
    Love to all.

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    the doctor said my nerves in feet are probably irreversably damaged since i wouldnt take effexor or neurontin when first diagnosed. my toes burn numb and hurt terribly. but still hate to take meds. i know your pain. love gail
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    Please consider that a chronic bacterial infection of the central nervous system can be the CAUSE of your symptoms.....Borrelia burgdorferi.

    Please read this booklet and take a look at the symptom list in the 2nd link..pages 9-11...
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    I have nerve pain daily. I have nerve damage in my right leg from a fall a couple of yrs ago. I fell down my stairs due to the balance issues I have from the fibro. I also have nerve pain at times in my feet, they will feel sunburned even tho they appear fine. It will be so painful to even put on my socks. Sometimes brushing my hair will even be painful. My hands and feet fall asleep often and even the tip of my tongue occasionally will feel numb.

    These issues are just a few of the problems I deal with daily and as time goes on the problems have become more frequent and more severe.

    The best way to live with this is just take it one day at a time and trust God to help you get thru it. Listen to your body. Know your limits and try to enjoy at least a part of each day even if its just watching a sunset.