nerve pain verses fibro

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    was just wondering , if any of you feel you have permanent nerve damage? well i do and was wondering if any nurses on the board, could tell me what kinda test i need done to find out? I guess it just my pain has been so seveeeeeeeeeeere that i wonder if fibro is the only thing going on with me. any advice is welcome thanks so much........................hugs onna
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    I have peripheral neuropathy/non-diabetic.

    I had to have EMGs on my lower legs, which showed I have LOTS of feeling, and it is unknown why I have this neuropathy.

    Lately, I've thought that its not really a neuropathy but that the veins and arteries are inflamed. I have very high inflammation markers on CRP and homocysteine testing.

    My dr. hasn't said so, but I think he agrees with me, but I stay on the Neurontin because it helps so much.

    Where are you having this pain?

    Hope you get answers that help you...

    There's always hope!
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    I have FM/CFS. I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia and my b12 level was so low that it caused nerve damage. The Neuro I see said that I shouldn't get any worse now that I get the b12 injections and have my level back up to normal. Now he is insisting I get gamma globulin IVs but I am not going to go for that at this time. I don't feel I am bad enough to warrant that treatment.

    Good luck
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    I am so grateful to hear other people have this problem as well .. so I'm not alone.
    I had the nerve conduction test .. parts of it were so painful because I was having a pain day .. especially my right ankle .. I thought I would hit the cieling a few times it was that bad.
    I'm sure i don't have diabetes .. blood work was done .. but they suggested the glucose tolerance test ? to be sure .. I see a neurologist next week .. another new doctor to explain "me" to.
    My feet/legs .. some in my hands .. horrible !
    Vitamin B is important .. lack of ... or too much of .. they even asked if I was a vegitarian !
    I'm sorry we all have this .. but I'm glad I'm NOT alone !
    Thanks for speaking up on this problem !
    Joy : )
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    I have found that decreasing Omega 6 and increasing Omega 3 has helped my nerve pain esp in the legs. I eat an organic egg for the Omega 3 as well.

    Presently my nerve pain is only in my neck and head and carpal tunnel. I just had new thyroid scan and discovered I need biopsy so maybe some of this is from thyroid now.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    thank you so much everyone for posting. my pain started with sickness severrrrrrrr arm and shoulder pains, and then felt like presure on my middle back and boom tones of pain, i had lightning stabs that are undescribable, and burning pain like i got shot,was bed ridden for 2plus yrs in tears litteraly. alos had weakness in my arms and a whole lot of bad syptoms. lets just say ive cried so much with this illness and im a strong person, so i know it gotta be nerve damage. hugs to all.....onna
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    so am i correct a emg is a test for nerve damage? hmmmm
    six yrs waiting for disability and 6yrs wondering why so much pain with all this~~ uggggggggggg you all so friendly thanks for your help, and anyone else who might wanna add something..=( im sooo frustraded about all of this! maybe im just a freek of know honestly allll kiding a side why is my back myyyyyyy main problem is in the right full muscle alway so sore. and i get what feels like beees or hornets stinging my spine?? and still get bad twinging painnns in my arm wierd stuff. If anyone has any idea please responed i need all the help i can get right now.

    thanks so much
    for being there onna

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    I found this site that explains the difference between FM and myofascial pain.

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    thank you sooooo much. i do a massge with tennis balls and sometimes this helps me. and know ive never had the test done for nerve damage. but my doctors first diagnoses was myofacial pain, acually i was the one that broaght it up to him. but sence he diagnosed my fibro, he doesnt say anthing about the myofacial pain. he didnt even right this in his note as part of my disabillity. well im going to check out those sites,thanks again for your help......................................hugs onnaroll

    ps also going to start looking for a good massage , someone who knows about myofacial pain hopefully. also just wanted to thank everyone here whos helped me,it mean soo much. i do take omega3,9 and flax ceed but havent been on it long enough to know if its helping me.

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  10. lovethesun

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    You are the first person I've seen describe pain like mine.It's like2 people are pulling your back in opposte directions.It's excruciating pain.Linda
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    I'm not sure if this is what you are feeling but I have pain 24/7, never goes away. The areas are my butt cheeks and hip area, esp. left side, feels like something is eating me from the inside out. Numbness goes down the whole left leg, outside. It's not really numb, just feels numb. It feels like inflammed nerves to me. I also have this in my back, esp. by the shoulder blades, again left side is worse. It runs down the outside of my left arm. I have pain all over the place but these are the areas that never leave. They hurt to touch. I also have sore spots all over, ribs, chest, back face, jaw and ear pain etc... EMG is the correct test for nerve damage. I've had the following tests and all have been completely negative: MRI's of brain twice, C-spine twice, thoracic and lumbar spine. EMG of legs, evoked potentials, and recently a spinal tap. All these test have been done in the last year. Every time a have a test I'm sure it's going to show something but they've all been negative. I can't see how we can be this sick and nothing shows up anywhere. So, it may feel like nerve damage but not really be.
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    really hun i have know idea sometimes i wonder if its caused from smoking, but ive also suffered a great deal of stress, and have had alot of ski accidents, SO this is something all always wonder about i guess. Honestley i could write a book about how thies dd have effected my life with such turmoil. I was devastated by my pain ! and now im just thankful to still be here and, that my pain has lessoned. roll
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    EMG - also known as a Myogram - is electromyography and is a test that assesses the health of the muscles and the nerves controlling the muscles. EMG is most often used when people have symptoms of weakness and examination shows impaired muscle strength. It can help to differentiate primary muscle conditions from muscle weakness caused by neurologic disorders. An electromyogram (EMG) measures the electrical impulses of muscles at rest and during contraction.

    An electromyogram (EMG) is done to:

    (1) Diagnose diseases that damage muscle tissue, nerves, or the junctions between nerve and muscle (neuromuscular junctions). These disorders include a herniated disc, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or myasthenia gravis (MG).

    (2) Evaluate the cause of weakness, paralysis, involuntary muscle twitching, or other symptoms. Problems in a muscle, the nerves supplying a muscle, the spinal cord, or the area of the brain that controls a muscle can all cause these kinds of symptoms.

    Nerve conduction studies, on the other hand, measure nerve conduction velocity, determine how well individual nerves can transmit electrical signals. Nerves control the muscles in the body using electrical impulses, and these impulses make the muscles react in specific ways. Nerve and muscle disorders cause the muscles to react in abnormal ways.

    Nerve conduction studies are done to:

    (1) Detect and evaluate damage to the peripheral nervous system, which includes all the nerves that lead away from the brain and spinal cord and the smaller nerves that branch out from those nerves. Nerve conduction studies are often used to help diagnose nerve disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or Guillain-Barré syndrome.

    (2) Identify the location of abnormal sensations, such as numbness, tingling, or pain.

    Depending on the physical examination and history taken, the neurologist would be the one to determine which test is appropriate for you.

    There are so many other tests that are done to evaluate, it would be hard to go through all of them on this board.

    When a neurologic disorder is suspected, doctors usually evaluate all of the body systems during the physical examination but focus on the nervous system. The neurologic aspect includes evaluation of mental status, cranial nerves, motor and sensory nerves, reflexes, coordination, stance, gait, regulation of internal body processes (by the autonomic nervous system), and blood flow to the brain.

    Neurologic disorders commonly cause pain. Muscles may malfunction because a nerve is damaged or compressed. Changes in sensation, including vision, may occur. Often, the characteristics and pattern of symptoms help doctors diagnose or exclude a neurologic disorder. Below are some relatively common neurologic symptoms.

    I hope that you have relief from the pain soon. Many types of neurological pain can be controlled through various medications that aren't heavy duty narcotics, take heart.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette