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    I have severe nerve pain in my legs. I do not know what to do about it. it comes and goes and now it is in both legs (was just left leg) and has been horrible lately. It seems as if i have to pay great attention to walking as if i am having to command my left leg to move. My left foot seems to be dragging. And both hips are hurting from the gait that I have with this,which is worse then my normal gait. been through all tests in the past for it, EMG and MRi which showed no damage to the nerves and slight bulging discs.
    Does anyone else experience this and if so what do you do about it? Having horrible time sleeping due to terrible nerve pain, tremors and jerking from it.
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    and as far as I'm concerned it is absolutely the very worse pain I've ever had. I literally just "freeze" until it goes away. My rheumatologist sent me to a chiropractor who also specialises in Fibromyalgia, she said she could help with the nerve pain.

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    Hello Joannie,
    Yes,I have the bad problems with the legs. My sister-in-law has MS and our symptoms mimic each other. I also have numb left leg and have to concentrate to walk or go up stairs. The leg is very strange feeling and I sometimes get a terrific hitch in it and have to stop walking or moving for a few seconds. I use accupuncture (Chinese) and it is very effective for pain and numbness and swelling. I have had periods when I have had to use a cane. I am so sorry as I realize how distressing these symptoms can be, also sometimes the pain at night is so bad that I need to take a half hydrocodone,(which I hate), I try to go without drugs if at all possible especially during the day as I work fulltime and use the car alot. Usually take asperin or advil. Hope your leg gets better.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
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    Legs, wow what a deal eh?
    I try to use a product called Biofreeze on the knees and bursitis before going to bed or if I have to walk somewhere (like the grocers). It is a quick relief which kind of freezes the area so I could get by. Enough to walk or fall asleep at least. Good luck in whatever you choose. If you find better answers to the pain, please advise me. Thanks.
    Soft teddy hugs.
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    This sounds exactly like what I was experiencing. It occured throughout my legs, arms, trunk, head, neck, and face. Horrible pain accompanied with tremors, jerking and twitching. After reading articles on a mini-seizure state that some FM'ers experience, and some suggestions from some on the board, I asked my Doctor about Klonopin. I have been on it for a number of months now, and it has resolved this activity. The nerve pain, jerking, twitching, spasming, restless legs, and sensory overload (racing brain) have been significantly reduced. It has been such a blessing. You might want to look into this.
    Best wishes,
    Another note: I don't know what meds you are taking. I did have a relapse of this when I began a prescription of elavil, so discontinued it.
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    I appreciate your input on this. I struggle with severe migraines also so I am going to call my Doctor first thing in the morning. I just don't get why my nerves in my back do this so often to me.

    Thank you to everyone else for your input also. I appreciate it so.
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    I have heard that the meds Neurotin and Depakote(? sp.) held on nerve pain. Both are seizure meds and the docs don't know why they work on nerve pain, but they do. I think Madwolf also mentioned another seizure med. My father had neuropathy in his legs due to diabetes and he was on both Depakote and Elavil.
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    My pain from the very beginning of this disease has been hot ,burning nerve pain. It is the worst in my legs and feet.It is a strange thing because my legs feel partially numb but yet this terrible hot, nerve pain.. No medicine so far has helped this to any degree. So far this evening I have taken oxycontin,neurontin, klonopin, and a lortab for break-thru pain and I am still in pain. My pain specialist`s nurse said this is the worst pain and I surely agree. I don`t know what the Doctor will do now but the pain has over come the I need help.I feel for you because I know how devastating this pain can be. My thoughts are with you and I hope you get help.