nerve pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by benton, May 22, 2003.

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  1. benton

    benton New Member

    Hi there

    I wonder if anyone can help me. Im having a lot of pain and the meds im on dont seem to be helping much. Im on Seroxat (paxil) diclofenac and co-proxamol. The pain is hard to describe but i dont think it is muscle pain. What does nerve pain feel like? Do you need special meds for nerve pain or dont meds help at all? Any tips on coping with this horrible pain?? I tried putiing ice on the skin but it hurt terribly..

    Thanks a lot

  2. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I have not had very good luck with medication. Here are some inexpensive things that I do to help with pain: Salonpas pain relieving patch-found in First Aid section of any store. The patches are stinky but block any kind of pain.
    Green tea with GINGER ROOT JUICED-this helps alot with pain.
    I have not found a miracle pill yet but always on the lookout!!
    Good luck to you!!
  3. JP

    JP New Member

    Hello Mandy,

    Nerve pain has several qualities such as burning, tingling, pins and needles, and sharp shooting pains. For me, my nerve pain is in very specific locations. At this moment I have tingling pain under my left scapula. It is a strange pain. I also have nerve compression in my lumbar spine. Most pain meds won't touch my pain. I do several things, stretch, soak in a hot tub, take additional Vioxx in hopes to shrink some of the inflammation. I also have Prednisone for emergency type compression on my spinal nerves. The medicine that has really helped me is Elavil at bedtime. For some reason, it is used for nerve pain. I was waking up with numb legs and hips. The Elavil took that away fairly quickly.

    I hope you find some relief...take care,
  4. benton

    benton New Member

    Hi again

    Well it sounds like nerve pain from what you've said. At the moment it feels like hot water running down my shoulder, really horrible, hot pins and needles, stabbing and burning. Sounds odd, but it feels like my bra strap is twisted. I keep tring to straighten it and finding its not! Its been relentless all day and is starting to drag me down... Grrr..
    Im in the uk so a lot of the meds mentioned on here dont mean a lot to me. There doesnt seem to be alot of choice in meds over here, quite frustrating really.

    Thanks again and take care

  5. benton

    benton New Member


    Thanks Carla. Ive only been on the Seroxat for less than 3 weeks. I was on ammitriptiline for 4 years until then, they stopped having any effect so my doctor thought it might help to have a change of meds. They have definately lifted my mood but for some reason, my pain has increased greatly since i started taking them. LOL

    Thank you for the advice,

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