Nerve System Damage . Who Do I See?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I am convinced I have soime nerve system damage. At various time almost every day and for hours I get this haywire feeling throughout my body.
    It is not yelling out painful, but it makes everything feel bad. So bad I just sit and moan .

    I know it's nerves because I feel it in my bladder, penis, sometimes even the anal area as well as every other part of my body. It's so hard to explain.

    I fi make one wrong word description mistake it throws everybody off. But it tenses up my whole body, every muscle. I sweat but in a not exercise way, more of a shock way. I get unbalanced when I walk. And my whole sense of phgysical security is so shaken I get anxiety and depression.

    It last for hours if not all day usually.

    If it was just one paert of my bodyt it would be tolerable...but those areas I mentioned seem to be the most signal sending. I think my entire insides are being affected. It's almost as if you have a nerve system that is being irritated and you don't knpow why.

    I have had a couple of these emg tests that came out negative. I HATE t take Lorazepam, but in the worst times I must and this does knock it "somewhat" but not fully. It seems to blunt the "shock-tingling-tense feeling. Maybe 50 %

    Anyone here take Lorazepam?

    I swear, it comes and goes through your system so quickly ( maybe 15 to 20 hours ) and I swear you have withdrawals right after it is out of your system. When I do use this, the day after I do is worse than before!

    I know valium stays in your system for weeks so you don't have these mini-withdrawals. I don't like using Lorazepam but sometimes I just freeze up and this nerve thing is so unbearable, I just can't take it anymore.
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    yes, first see a neurologist like i did.
    THEN get tested for lyme....or actually do that now while you wait for your appt.
    I have EVERY sensation ALL parts of my body. I also have chronic anxiety that is part of my entire day.
    For that....i use a pinch of xanax when i need it most as to not get addicted. My doc suggested lorazapam recently,, i tried it....and really didnt like it. I use a quarter pill of xanax cuz im so sensitive

    Have u tried xanax? Use as needed but try not to take it around the clock. Also.....I tested IGENEX positive for lyme...NOT Elisa. Read up on chronic neurological symptoms are the worst! I am seeing a neurologist too. He thought i had MS.

    I am part of a great Lyme chatroom if you want to check it out. Its unfortunate cuz CFS/Fibro, Yeast, Lyme, and a few other problems can all sound so similar. I say get tested.
    Good luck and take care.
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    Wow, you described something I've been wondering about myself. I take lorazepam to sleep at night and get these electrical tingling feelings on my scalp, legs and arms. Sometimes it even makes my whole body shudder.

    I never thought it could be withdrawal from the Lorazepam, but it would make sense since I only take it before bed.
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    Oh I really feel for you.

    If you look at some of my past posts where I list my symptoms, you will see I have a lot of weird nervous system symptoms too - aren't they just the worst thing?!

    I take benzos for them and sleep too but have become very dependent on them and am having to cut back. They are the only thing that helps for me too although my doc wants me to try Lyrica. I don't think that will help as Gabapentin which is similar didn't touch it at the highest doses.

    I am seeing another neuro (previous one thought I was nuts) soon and have seen an immunologist.

    No-one has been particularly helpful so I just hope my doc will continue to prescribe the benzos I need at least for the really bad episodes.

    I wish I could help more but I really don't understand why we get these things.

    Hugs Bunchy xxx
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    Bumping for more help for Joeb7th
  6. JLH

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    I agree that you need to make an appointment with a Neurologist right away.

    Good luck.

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  8. 139864

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    Hi Joeb
    This is a link to a site which lists Fibro and CMS Dr's in thr U.S

    Environmental Illness Aware Doctors

    Select Country:

    United States United Kingdom Canada Australia

    The majority of doctors listed specifically refer to themselves as CFS and fibromyalgia specialists but a large number recognize the connection with chemical sensitivities and gut problems and will treat these as part of a complete program.

    There just might br one in your hometown.It's worth a try !

    Best Wishes
    Brenda U.K.

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