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    Well, I wasn't sure which icon to choose, so I picked the one that looks like South Park.

    Anyway, I'm in the midst of a work dilemma. I've been working in my industry for about six years now, and been passionate about it the entire time. Though I personally feel (well, know) that the quality of my work has diminished since I became sick with CFIDS five years ago, employers still seem to dig my work. And, truthfully, work is one of the lonly things that keeps me going. I'm lucky to have found a career that I really enjoy.

    I feel, however, that one of the reasons for my success has been that I've flown a bit under the radar. My boss is a brilliant woman, and she can answer the questions I can't, she can speak in meetings when my mind is a blank slate, etc.

    Now, there's a strong possibility I will be transferred to work in another country (UK) and be given a promotion. I fear that much will be expected of me given this opportunity, but I don't feel confident I can deliver. with this DD, I've pretty much lost all confidence anyway.

    So, my question is, should I finally "come clean" about being sick, even just keeping it vague ("I have a medical condition..."), or just let sleeping dogs lie. If I fail, I guess I just do. Life goes on, etc. thoughts? suggestions?

    Thanks so much.
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    Is there any way you'll have the option of staying put, if you want? You said "I am lucky to have found a career I really enjoy", which is the key phrase for me----heck, many people who are completely healthy & don't live with a debilitating illness can't make that claim! If taking the promotion adds a new stress level & more responsibility, you could find that you get sicker, plus lose the very thing you most loved about your job. I think if it were me, I'd stay where I felt a good comfort level, & a sense of enjoyment (that probably helps to carry you through those days where the CFIDS feel crummier than usual). As far as "telling" ( either in explicit or vague terms): I'm all for complete honesty as far as personal relationships go, but in terms of job/employer---I honestly would probably continue "flying under the radar"; too much to risk when you aren't sure how it would be accepted; just my personal feelings, but this is one of those things that is a judgement call only you can make, knowing the personalities involved.....Good luck to you whatever you end up doing & hope it goes well for you!