Nervous about asking Dr. for pain med.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kriket, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. kriket

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    I am in a lot of pain and have a doctors appt. next week. I desperately need something for pain, but I get so nervous about asking the doctor for a pain med. I am afraid he's gonna think I'm some kind of addict or something. Even though were not addicts, sometimes I feel like they are just burning a hole through you. Does anyone ever get this feeling? If so, maybe you could help me feel a little easier about it.
  2. coogrrr

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    Take some info printed from the web. Tell him/her you know what you need. Tell the Doc this is what you want to try out.

    I use Vicodin and it doesnt get me HIGH it gets me normal where others get high. I think its due to the FM. Try it and dont be afraid.

    If worse comes to worse suggest a pill contract as with me and my Doc due to the Vicodin I am on a contract where I dont get pain meds anywhere else for any other reason except from him. and only his prescribed amount.

    My wife is on a contract also and we have had zero issues to date.

  3. kriket

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    Guess I just run across doctors that don't give a damn. I've been in the driver's seat and can't seem to get anywhere!!!!
  4. kimfibro

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    ask me if i was addicted to any drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was horrified! i went in during a major flare up (prior to being diagnosed w/fm tho my pc suspected at the time) and my pc was not in so i saw the nurse practioner.

    here i was in such pain and writhing around due to being so uncomfortable and looking for help and relief.

    i reported that incident to my pc and she was NOT happy.
    i don't even drink --- or do drugs!

    i just saw my pc last week and she again gave me refills for tramadol. i told her i wasn't all that impressed, that it just doesn't cut the pain enough sometimes. i know i can call or go see her again and ask for something else. but at that moment i somehow weakened.

    i was surprised at myself really. but if the flare ups continue as they do on occasion i am going to request something more affective. doctors DO use caution w/highly addictive scripts.

    guess there's JUST NO END!!! :)

    have a good evening.
  5. tandy

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    and the few times I got up the nerve,....
    I was shot down. because I got nothing~

    One time out of desperation I said "I need something for this pain,.... and if it takes seeing a pain specialist well then I need a referrel'
    I got my referrel,...and even the pain clinic was no help! They gave me ultrams and offered cortisone injections.
    Now tell me,..? where would I get these injections? I'd need a shot in about 18-20 places!!
    Wishing you more luck then I've ever had~
    Its so unfair.
    We are genuine people in REAL horrible pain,..and most of us are denied adequate relief.
    The system sux!
  6. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Thanks for your input. Some people act like your not bold enough to tell the doctor what you need. This goes to prove that doctors are not always supportive. I have had the exact same experience as you. I guess the people that get wat they need, need to consider themselves very lucky.

    Thanks Again

  7. jake123

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    The next person that asks me if I'm on drugs, I'm going to say No, are you?
  8. shadowsandy

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    You know kriket I never thought people felt like me going to the doctor until I read your email God Bless us that are at the mercy of a doctor that dont care, and are in so much pain.My doctor likes to make me look like a dope head, I get so imbaressed I cry.I hurt so bad and every time I go to him I pray he dont refuse me my pain med. Every time he takes the mil. down then up, like he is playing with me. He says you are getting addicted well who cares I hurt I want to scream at him. Oh another pain in the butt. Sandy
  9. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I'm so glad people are finally opening up about this. If I were a dopehead I could walk right next door, but I am not and would like to obtain it legally and for the right reasons.

  10. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    i just wanted to say for me, after yrs it seemed and i was bed ridden from this for 2yrs also. i finaaly got my meds, i was crying and i said something has to be done nowwwwwwww! he said yes its fibromyalgia and has helped me ever since, they beleave me of course cause they hurd me cry so much.ill tell u what what ever happened to me, i was in a state of shock running from doc to doc,hospital to hosp exc. the pain was outragous!!!! gl hope you get what you deserve. its a shame we have to suffer like this

    hugs onna
    ps i was never nevous only angry that i was in so much pain and doctors couldnt see it.[This Message was Edited on 03/21/2006]
  11. PVLady

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    Don't come out and ask for pain meds if possible - when you see the doctor just let him/her know how much pain you are having. You might keep a pain log etc.

    Hopefully the doctor will help you.

  12. backporchrags

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    a reply to this question many times. As the daughter of a doctor and a nurse I have a little insight on this subject.
    To be taken seriously about pain you need to come to the doctors office prepared.
    Keep a pain journal. Write down the severity of your pain on the 1 to 10 scale. List all OTC meds and rx meds you have tried and how effective they were.
    List activity levels, can you exercize and how much? List sleep patterns.
    Coming to an appointment armed with information helps to get taken seriously. You are less likely to get the "addict" question.
    Even with the medical background of my family I still struggle to get decent pain relief. The 'new way' of thinking about pain relief the docs have touted is still gaurded and suspicious.
    Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Your pain is real and you deserve to be heard.
    Let us know how it goes,
  13. Yucca13

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    Hi Kricket,

    In California, there is a legal 'Patient's Pain Bill of Rights'. I don't know if Texas has something similar. I haven't actually had to bring it up to doctors, but at least I know it is valid if needed.

    I've had very good results from seeing a pain management doctor. I wasn't able to go to him for a long time because my insurance would not cover treatment. I have found that pain docs are much more fearless in trying adequate pain relief medications.

    The suggestions offerred in replies sound like good ideas to me. Sure hope you find some pain relief quickly.