Nervous about MEdical exam for disability on saturday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 24, 2006.

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    Why the people from Utah's disability picked Saturday 27th , on a holiday weekend to have me go and have my medical evaluation is unknown to me. Why pick a holiday weekend is silly. There will be so much traffic to deal with. And I am not to thrilled to be going.

    I am not so sure about this doctor. I had a bad time with a Worker's Comp Doctor some years ago. He was a jerk but he also lied and really did not read my medical histery. AS I put this in the report. 1/26/82 Patient in ER requsting narcoitc medication complaing of breakkthrough pain. I was at the hospital that day but no where near the ER. More like Labor & Delivery. I was giving birth to my daughter that day. There was NO mention about my just having my baby that day as I had her at 12:05 am.

    He took all my histories and picked through them and put what part of one and added aother part and mixed them together. He wrote 50 pages of in his report and most of them say the same thing , I went to my doctors and I always asked for narcoitc pain meds. He had it so that I was taking in a day was Prozac, Zoloft, &xanax. Yes in one day I was taking all 3 meds. That was just one of the dumb things he wrote in it.

    At the end he wrote that either I was a pitifull woman who was suffering from undinogseable{SP} pain. And I suffered with this pain of a unknown reason, for countless years and no one knew what to do for me except to give me narcoitc pain pills. Or I was a DRUG SEEKER and that was what was he thought my problem was. So I do suffer from pain that was hard to find out what it was. And some times I still don't think that my doctor knows the whys and where for's of why I am in so much pain all the time.

    But to have this starnge doctor say that he thought with out a doubt that all I was doing was seeking drugs. He implied that I had unnesary surgery just so that I could get pain meds. I had a laproscopy where they could not find the reason I was in pain. The doctor thought it was cysts, or retrograde menstration, but there was no clear cut reason for my pain. But that does not mean I was faking it so that I could have surgery to get drugs, I felt so angry at this doctor that I wanted to choke him.
    But dispite his negitive report I won my case.

    But now that I have this doctor who will exam ne for disibility and what is he going to tell them? Will he be more honest and tell them what I really am suffering from? Or will he make up what ever he wants it to be?
    So Ia am really scared about this exam on this saturday. I don't know the doctor and I am worried that he will do what ever is in his power to make me look like I am faking it.

    And that part just scares me so much. I hope that he is a good man and will be honest and truthfull in this exam and that he will put down his findings in a real way. I have degeneritave disc disease, spinal stenosis, FMP, Facet syndrome, arithritis in both knees , both knees are deterating too.

    I also have my left wrist that I shattered two years ago and it is one of the reasons I can't work. It goes mucb adn will not work at times, And it burns when i put qny pressure on it like now when I am just typing.

    So here I am tired and in a lot of REAL Pain and scared about this exam and I pray that he is a good man who belives me when I tell him that I hurt. I wallked about a half a block today and it has left me fatiqued and in so much pain that I am nauseous. My back hurts as do both knees and my wrist it burning me and stinging me like a bee. I am hurting so much now that walking has become hard to do and I walk funny too.

    I don't know what to do except ask you to help me to be calm and hope that he isia good doctor. NOt like the last one.

    CAn't type any more LOve ya,
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    Hi Rosemarie,

    If you go to the website Social Security Disability Coalition you will find all kinds of information of what thousands of people going through to get their disability approved. I do not want to scare you but The ME's(medical examiner work for SS. They have the Social Securities best interest not yours.)

    You see with their doctors they will just about say and do anything to disaprove of your physical and mental health doctors. These doctors that work for SS are usually older, retired, haven't done any research on the latest disease.

    People are right in saying take a tape recorder in. Bring a friend or relative. This way they can't say or write things down that they might be held accountable for in the future.

    They don't like to be recorded, but its your only protection when it comes to remembering the things that the doctor might say or do that could be used against them when you go for your hearing.

    There have been a few that have been good doctors working for SS. But, most are like the workmens comp doctors looking to keep you from getting compensation.

    Linda Fullerton is the President of the Social Secuity Disability coalition. On the message board she tells everyone about her trips and reports to Washington DC. She has testified to the House and Ways Committees.

    The latest legislation on the books is about General Terry Chief of the Veterans Administration that wants the soliders not to be able to collect from the VA and SSDI at the same time without having an offset of money being reduced from the VA compensation check.

    Remeber the government is not looking out for your best interest. They are looking for ways not to give you your compensation disability. Just read through the message boards and you will understand what I am talking about.

    Make sure you have all copies of your medical records from all Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacy, and your Mental Health records. The name of the game is the one who has the most documentation wins.

    Sincerey Valerie (Washington State
  3. CountryRocker

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    Sending calming prayers to you. I agree with the idea of taking a tape recorder. Try not to go in there stressed and be as calm as possible.

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