nervous I think I runinded my hubby;s backup debties meter

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    My grandson was over here tonight and I didn't see him untill it was to late and he was slobbering on the meter that is the back up one for my husbands diebeties blood tests. I don't want to tell him as he will have a hissy fit at me for not watching the baby , But he was the one that left it on the floor and I don't know how the baby got to it and I wiped all the drool off the meter as it had gone inside of it by the battery.

    My hubby has a Brandnew one that he use's but all his old test results are on the old one.

    And IF I tell him he will not believe me. AS he never has done where it comes to the kids. LIttle kids play with things . My oldest daughter had brought him over tonight and she went out to the kitchen to find her dad and I saw the baby with the meter and cleaned adn dried it off as best as I could. But I know my hubby well he will tell me that I did something to it by playing with it. And I have not been touching it as he asked me not too.
    What do I do? I am so sick about it and don't want to be yelled at by him about this . I don't even know how to turn it on or hoe you would check your blood with it. But when I am upset about things that have happened I get this guilty look, like I have done something wrong.

    I really hate how I react to things when I am confronted by him,He has always made me nervous and I sound like I am so dumb and lying to him. It is like yesterday when I went to go to town and I was so sleepy and he asked me when I had taken my last dose of pain meds and I said it had been over 3 hours and he said I think you must have got your times mixed up because your so sleepy. So even with my own illness I am wrong so I really am glad that the baby didn't get the one he uses every day. That one is kept put away but this old one is on the floor and in it's case and B, put it in his mouth and his drool went down and inside of the plastic case.
    So I wiped it off and I don't really know if it is ruined or not as I can't figure out how to turn it on.

    Why me and why do I feel so guilty about this? Maybe becasue I should have been watching him better and I didn't do it. HE was just playing with a toy and saw this case and it looks like his moms cell phone and she lets him play with it. So I don't know if it is screwed up and had it's memory ereased or what
    I am problem worried about nothing I HOpe.
    Worried ?
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    I don't think the baby slobber should be too much of a problem. I've outright spilled a glass of water over mine and it didn't cause any problems. The meters are pretty durable little things.

    As for turning them on, I don't know if your husbands meter is the same - but the secret to mine is inserting a test strip. If I want to access my reports without testing, I have to hold the menu button down for about 5 seconds until I hear it beep.

    I would just take it to him, and tell him he should check to make sure it all works properly because you found it on the floor. He doesn't need to know the baby got a hold of it, or what happend to it while it was on the floor. Especially if it was him that left it on the floor.

    He shouldn't be able to blame you for being the one to find it, after all.

    Good luck.