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    Hello everyone!

    Well I went to a new doctor who is wonderful for a 3rd opinion on whether I have fibro or not. Well after 2 years of thinking I do he found that all the bloodwork I have had over that time frame has come back with my sed rate up to 48 and my c-protein rate up also. He said there is definatley something going on and it is not fibro. So the other possiblities are grim but at least I will find out. I am just scared. I hurt everywhere and it hurts if someone hugs my too hard or if anything puts pressure on my skin. I am on Avinza 30mg at night and Vicoden for breakthrough. Any advice or info on this would be appreciated thank you all!!!!
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    I don't think they can find firo through a blood test. How ever I not really sure . My doc did blood test plus a presser test . I think you have to have 12 point that are bad. I found out in july about my fibro .
    I sure hope you getting feeling better. I wish you the best and no need worring it will only make you hurt more from the stress. I hope all turns out good for you .
    Bless you Angel
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    and I *DO* have CFS/FM and nothing else or nothing that the docs can find anyway!

    My levels got elevated and my sed rate was sky stayed that way) during a phase of my 20-year long illness when I got some nasty viruses and started to have an allergic reaction to them - meaning I broke out in hives and once had blister rashes on my hands, one time I actually had hives IN my eyes :-O!!!

    The doc said the tests are a marker of inflammation but if further testing brings no positive results (which in my case it didn't) the chances are it is due to the inflammation in the body caused by the CFS/FM and in my case, how these nasty viruses were attacking my body.

    During that time I was in crippling muscle pain and spasms but over time and as the reaction to viruses returned to normal, my sed rate is creeping down again although it is still a bit high. I only get the serious muscle pain and spasms if I put my body under too much stress either mentally or physically now. It is not ever-present now and I am functioning better at the moment.

    Just make sure you get the relevant tests done to rule anything else out but try not to worry too much.

    Love and gentle hugs,

    Bunchy xxx

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