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    I have been considering abx neubilzer treatment for sinus infections as saw this was being used in USA a few years ago as a novel treatment. of course not to be found here in canada. idea is to breath in antibiotics into the sinus to avoid taking it pill form.

    first has anyone tried this for their sinus infections and if so, how was it?

    2nd, how can i get one of these machines. believe i saw deliarose got one on the web, where? ebay? , can you buy new ones somewhere on the web?

    also, i assume a compounding pharmacy would have to make up the abx to use in the machine.

    i would like a neubilizer also for other things like gluthiaone. believe mcondon has one and uses it for gluthiaone and maybe something else?

    any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks


  2. Slayadragon

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    My doctor has an ointment with antibiotics in it compounded, to be applied to the inside of the nostril with a Q tip. I found that it's worked pretty well, when my sinus infections have been bacterial. (I think they're usually yeast.)

    This is my doctor's recipe, but I doubt it's proprietary. Let me know if you want more information.

    Best, Lisa
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    wow - bank st, right in my own backyard!! i was actually going to ask my dr. at the nutrichem compounding pharmacy in a few weeks as they may have one too but thought would ask the board first. Thanks znewby!

    Lisa - thx, but what is the difference between your compounding abx ointment and any prescription abx ointment one can get , i have one and have been using it for the nose cracks i told you about it, but ya i guess i could stick right into the nostril too but it just feels like the infection (assuming it is infectious) is in the sinuses (ethmoid and maxilaiiry) and i read the nuebilizer can get it in the actual sinuses...

    curious still if anyone else has done this for their sinus infections

    i suppose with the neubilzer could also use antifungals as well...

  4. deliarose

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    found some medical supply company in the Midwest that sold them for $50. not sure if i still have that receipt..will post if i find the name

    but just do a can get one cheap.
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    ya i think Thymic protein is worth a try and have been considering as I believe it supports THymus gland and may help to increase Lympocytes (especially T cells ) which I suspect I am low in.

    Got my first order of goodies from Prohealth a few days ago (took around 21 days). Felt like xmas morning. More supplememts to add to my home pharmacy. My wife can't believe it but she understands and supports.

  6. mcondon

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    This treatment protocol never really caught on in the U.S. as far as I can tell. Two years ago I went to a specialist in New York who specializes in sinusitis (Wellington Tichenor...quite a name.) He uses a lot of somewhat non-traditional treatments -- like nasal irrigation and topical anti-fungal solutions -- but I never heard him mention nebulized antibiotics.

    Still, there are quite a few pharmacies that seem to market this treatment. (Do a search on ASL pharmacy for one of them.) You might try calling them to ask for a reference to a local physician who uses this protocol.

    By the way, I wouldn't recommend buying a regular nebulizer, since it is designed to deliver the nebulized medication by mouth. (When you use one, you breath through your mouth, not your nose.)
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    Cheaper Proboost can be found online at NatureDoc. Shipping is free.

    I took 3 packs a day for about 6 months and am now down to two packs a day. Helps prevent your run of the mill infections. Better at prevention than curing them for me during this CFS relapse. It helped me recover from a previous relapse 2 years ago, but not quite as effective this time, I think.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    thx mcondon! - ya the neubilized sinus treatment hasnt really caught on in the USA - not sure why - i think it will be a big challenge to first of all find a sinus nebilizer and also a dr. to help me with this up here in Ottawa, Canada....i suppose i could try and se who sells them in USA and order ...but then there is the compounding of the abx to be used, sounds like a lot of energy which I just dont have so we shall see

    and ya thx for the reminder that a regukar neubilzer will not work for the sinus, i actually had not even thought of that although Im sure at time of purchase I would have...

    cherylsue - thx for the cheaper proboost website!