NEURAGEN PN, has anyone here tried it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. BethM

    BethM New Member

    It's a topical oil, advertised for pain relief. Pro Health sells it here, and there is an article about it in their e-newsletter.

    Has anyone tried it? Results good or bad or indifferent?

  2. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    Beth I was just going to post too! I thought to buy this today to help with my aching back. Hope someone has tried it, before I order.
  3. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi, I bought some of this from pro health. I mainly ordered it for my hubby who has shingles and lots of pain. I am sorry to say he felt no relief from it but I think he didn't use it 3 to 5 times a day. I think it probably has to build up. I may try some for my cfs/fibro pain. It is expensive for a little bottle. I will let everyone know if it works for me. Jess
  4. BethM

    BethM New Member

    for your replies. Jess, please do let us know if it helps you!

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  5. cph13

    cph13 Member

    Anything further on this topical I sure could use it for my aching hands. Keep dropping things, can't do any cleaning. Just moved in to a new apartment so I really need something to get me going.
  6. kbak

    kbak Member

    It's funny this article came up now. Neuragen is mainly Geranium essential oil. I just bought Geranium last week and started using it. I feel it really helps. I was able to buy the Geranium oil for $11.00, which is way cheaper than the neuragen. It does have a strong smell. So if smell bothers anyone you might not like it.

    If anyone buys Geranium oil, make sure you get good quality essential oil, therapudic grade. Not something cheap that's used for just aromatheapy. Just because it's in a health food store, doesn't mean it's good quality.

    Here's a discription of Geranium oil.

    Geranium: Sweet, heavy aroma, somewhat like rose. It is analgesic, anticoagulant, antidepressant, antiseptic, and insecticide. Calms anxiety, lifts the spirit, assists with depression. Useful with premenstrual tension. May assist with menopausal problems such as vaginal dryness and heavy periods. Assists with breast inflammation. Helps clear the body of toxins which may be helpful with addictions. Stimulates the lymphatic system which keeps infection at bay. Eases neuralgia. Blends well with basil, bergamot, carrot seed, jasmine, lavender and rose. Geranium Bourbon: Also called Réunion ‘Geranium’oil. Most of the world’s supply comes from this area, formerly called Bourbon which is an island east of Madagascar. Very strong roselike odor with a high Citronellol content.

  7. kbak

    kbak Member

    I should mention too, that the best way to use any of these oils is to get them in your system. The fastest way to do that is to rub the oil on the bottom of your foot or into your wrists or neck. These are nerve rich areas and upload the oil into your system quickly. When using an essential oil, (not Neuraagen)It's important to use a carrier oil. You can use a massage oil or olive oil, preferably organic, I pour a few drops of carrier oil onto my palm and then a drop of the Geranium, and then rub it into my foot and excess into my wrists.

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