NEURAGEN PN Receives FDA Approval for Fibro Pain Relief

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    Does anyone know if this is being prescribed yet? If so, has anyone tried it?

    NEURAGEN® PN Receives FDA Approval for Pain Relief
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    HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada (September 7, 2005) – Origin BioMedicinals Inc. announced today that it has received US FDA registration for its pain relief product NEURAGEN® PN.

    NEURAGEN® PN is a homeopathic blend of its popular Canadian product – NEURAGEN® RL. NEURAGEN® PN consists of a proprietary blend of botanical essential oil compounds, which was developed by two large US chronic pain centers in the early 1990’s.

    Origin BioMedicinals’ product is used today by health practitioners for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, post-shingles pain, FIBROMYALGIA, spinal compression pain and other chronic nerve pain.

    NEURAGEN® is a topical oil that can be used only as needed for these painful conditions, providing greater ease of use and less side effects than prescription drugs.

    NEURAGEN® PN now contains St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) as a homeopathic ingredient for added effectiveness.

    Two previous trials were conducted for NEURAGEN®. The first trial was for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, where 70% of 29 patients noted improvement in pain, usually within minutes of applying NEURAGEN® topically. Of these, most patients noted a remarkable 50-100% improvement in pain. Efficacy was measured by reduction in pain intensity over the first six hours.

    This rate of efficacy is comparable or better than the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for neuropathic pain, but without any side effects.

    Reported quality of life benefits during the study also included improved joint flexibility, decreased cramping and improved balance, as well as improvement in sleep, work ability, social life, energy and less depression.

    A second multi-center trial for post-shingles pain, similar results were reported where 68% of 30 patients experienced substantial pain relief ranging from 2-10 hours, and occurring within 5-15 minutes.

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    I don't have any experience with this but would like more information on it. Do you know what other active ingredients are in it besides St. John's Wart? I'm too lazy at the moment to look it up for myself.

    It has to have something in it to produce the transdermal ability. I am only aware of St. John's Wart's ability to fight pain through it's effect on serotonin. It acts similarly to SSRI's in that way and is rx'ed in some countries for depression.

    I am very open to learning more about it. Thanks for posting.

    Take care,

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    good! I prefer the more natural approch also ( as most people) I believe I'll see if I can read up on that.

    Wondering if it works on the bone pain any? Thanks for the info. fahan
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    Studies: Effectiveness Survey For Neuragen
    on Tuesday, December 07 @ 20:15:48 EST

    Effectiveness Survey For Neuragen, a non-toxic, external formulation of geranium oil to reduce peripheral neuropathy pain.

    Effectiveness Survey For Neuragen, a non-toxic, external formulation of geranium oil to reduce peripheral neuropathy pain.

    Effectiveness Survey Results (see footnote 1)

    Background: Health Practitioners with patients suffering with diabetic peripheral neuropathy were invited to participate. (footnote2) Efficacy was measured primarily by reduction in pain intensity over the first six hours, compared with the pain intensity before the application.

    Results: Overall 29 patients satisfactorily completed the survey. Of these, 20 patients (69%) noted some improvement in pain, with 17 patients (59%) noting a remarkable 50-100% improvement, usually within minutes of applying Neuragen topically. This rate of efficacy is comparable or better than the #1 prescribed pharmaceutical for neuropathic pain, Neurontin®, which claims to benefit 50% of patients.

    Neuragen is a non-toxic, skin penetration enhancing formulation of geranium oil and associated essential botanical oils, extensively tested in clinical trials.

    Also of note:

    • Repeated use of Neuragen decreased levels of pain for some patients after only one month of use, allowing less medication use less frequently.

    • Many patients reported that Neuragen worked better for them than any other medication.

    • Improvement in quality of life was associated with efficacy of Neuragen; including sleep, work ability, social life, energy and less depression.

    • Even some of the patients in the 0-25% category reported benefits such as improved joint flexibility, decreased cramping and improved balance.

    • Neuragen was effective for some patients who are already taking other types of medications, but experiencing breakthrough pain.

    Over 70% of Users Report Pain Relief

    Some Comments from Study Participants:

    "I am pain free for the first time in ages" - TB 77 year old female with DPN.

    "I experienced pain free sleep if applied Neuragen after 8pm" – DM 79 year old woman with DPN

    "More effective than any medicine I have used" – NW, 55 year old woman with DPN

    "Helped with chronic pain from neck strain & arthritis as well as my DPN", MC 64 yr old woman with DPN

    "As good or better than the steroid injections" – LM, 56 year old with degenerative disk pain

    "Improved my sleep and stamina and I am not as depressed as a result" – VC, DPN sufferer

    1 Study conducted in collaboration with

    2 Patients were required to be over 21 years of age, have a history of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy of at least three months duration, and an intensity of pain at least moderate at times (ie. inhibits daily activities). Patients may be on medications or nutritional supplements for pain (or other conditions) but must report changes in doses during the time of the survey. Patients were instructed to apply Neuragen™ PN topically to the maximally painful area at least six times in one month, and complete one patient diary for each application. Secondary efficacy parameters included: changes in response over the month of repeated measurement, improvement in quality of life parameters, reduction in use of other analgesics, and an overall assessment made by the patient at the end of the month period. These parameters were collected in an exit interview conducted by the practitioner at the end of the month period.

    Cautions and Contraindications: For topical use only. All of the ingredients in Neuragen are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and no known side effects or contraindications have been found. Neuragen is not recommended during pregnancy. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Avoid use near the eyes. Do not apply to open sores.

    This information is not intended as medical advice, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Its intention is solely educational. Please consult a health professional for medical advice. Statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA.

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    If you don't have ins. and want to buy it on the web, I think it's around $22.95, if I remember correctly!

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