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  1. Cromwell

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    mY NEURO TODAY SAID THEY ARE NOW STARTING TO refer to FM as Myofacial Pain Syndrome instead. He said this is because this is in fact what it probably is and adds validity to the dx.

    He felt that this way of describing it was better as it was taken seriously, whereas FM was far too broad a description.

    He said that his feeling is that it is all caused by spasms in the myofacial webs of muscle, nerve and other tissue.

    He also felt that controlling the spasms was key. This is why Elavil and other drugs work as they control the spasms, that could be caused by chemical imbalances, and this could be endocrinal in nature too for some. It would also account for those of us with stomach problems as well as the colon is really affected by spasms.

    Well just passing this on as maybe we should be saying MPS instead of FM. What do others think?

    Love Anne Cromwell

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  2. puddin827

    puddin827 New Member

    How about MFFMPS.........I go to Rhuemy the 18th ,I'll see what he says
  3. kcollins

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    I take flexeril (muscle relaxer) at bedtime and whenever I have run out my fibro pain increases which always puzzled me. I wondered how it could be a pain reliever but perhaps it stops some of the muscle spasms and therefore pain is reduced. I also notice that even at rest my muscles are often clenched and I have to remind myself to relax the muscles...maybe this is part of the spasms.
    I also would like the new name - especially if it helps us to be taken more seriously by md's.
    Thanks for posting this.
    Take care,
  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I don't care what they name it, I just want them to fix it.

    I think this is just going to confuse people more. It's also playing into the fact that those who did not believe it was real, do not have to face that it is .Change the name and"OH", it's suddenly going to be real to those doctors now ?

    I say keep the name, get ride of the DD. I'm afraid this is the medical community trying to cover up their closed minded arrogants. They do not want to have to admit that they were wrong ,about it being in our heads.
  5. kjfms

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    so now we back to square one FMS doesn't exist?

    Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) is a separate often co-existing syndrome of FMS.

    I guess they are going to combine them now to make it legit?

    My opinion....FMS vs. MPS (Climbing on soap box...a little) sorry ;)

    1. FMS/Tender Points. MPS/Trigger Points. Big difference between the two and often misdiagnosed by physicians (and patients).

    BTW trigger point release massage hurts like hell if you have FMS and not MPS (which I do) I tried it a while back and thought it was going to kill me I am talk tears and trust me it didn't take me too long to yell uncle!!

    2.FMS/Muscles have generalized sensitivity (this as we all know varies for each person).

    MPS/Muscle areas that are located away from the trigger points and their referral regions have normal sensitivity.

    3.FMS/Total body achiness. MPS/Specific pains in specific areas. With myofascial pain, the areas not affected by trigger points don't hurt,

    but with FMS, the areas outside the tender points still ache. (that is a pretty big difference in my book)

    Then there is the Fibro Fog...

    I am not saying that FMS is a more significant disease than MPS no they are both very real and very painful but very different too.

    I do not think physicians should start lumping them together IMHO. :)

    Anne I hope you do not think I am putting you down or anything. I always enjoy you posts...just giving my opinion.

    I hope you are not offended hugs,


  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    No not at all are you putting me down. I actually agree with all you and others say. I do think, myself, they ARE comorbid conditions, this is why I was taken aback rather when he said this. He is a decent enough chap, but I do believe they are still dissing FM when they express this; PLUS as Carebelle says, covering themselves for ignoring things in the past.

    The only reason I think we may get better treated if we say MPS is this seems to be where the doctors themselves are going on this, the new buzz word for their comfort zone maybe, we now need to be aware of this "new" reasoning they are having.

    The trouble is they say then that MPS(or FM/CFS) is "nothing major" also, as if it does not show on MRI, XRAY or blood work then despite it crippling our lives it is thus "nothing major". None of the docs ever think to refer to pain clinic except the sports doc, so I have appt. with pain doc, who just sent me literature that impresses me, next week, so I have the biopsy Thursday(yes, about the thyroid nodules the docs failed to see was growing, never bothered to check the US paperwork) pain doc following Monday. If this pain doc turns out "the same" then I may as well quit going to doctors....

    What a life....
    Love Anne Cromwell

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  7. NyroFan

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    Thanks for the tibit of info. I think I will still call the condition FM.
    That is what I am used to saying: so why not say it?

  8. Mikie

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    Two manifestations of the same illness but there are differences. In MPS, the facia is involved and there are trigger points which can cause referred pain. With FMS, there are tender spots which usually do not.

    With FMS and CFIDS both, there are a lot of conditions which seem to coexist. It's like a buffet, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    I think this is what can cause so much confusion with the medical community. They like things wrapped up neatly. Our illnesses simply do not fall neatly into categories and can overlap with many other conditions. That is why I think we each have to find our own treatment plans tailored just to our individual needs.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    I believe that they are two separate things, people with FMS tend to have MFPS.

    A person can have many other existing conditions, DDD,MS, Lupus that aggrevate both FMS and MFPS.

    My pain management doc treated the FM sleep problem first, then he treated my DDD with epidurals to relieve the pain and nerve problem.

    Next, he started treatment for MFPS on my neck, trigger injections. I can honestly say I am feeling better since he treated all three of these conditions.

    I also get deep tissue (Trigger point) massage and lympth massage. I believe that by treating these existing conditions in an "onion type" layer, one step at a time with many different treatments I have found some relief.

    Everyone is so different with what works and what does'nt.
    I think the only way to get relief is with a good doc that is willing to work with you and listens.


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