Neuro thought it Fibro, Rhuemy thinks its MPS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bum, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Bum

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    I am very confused. After many years of IBS< Panic Attacks, Severe Migraines, Leg weakness & muscle soreness and many
    tests, my Nuerologist thought I had FM sent me to a rhuemy
    who asked lots of questions, grap my upper and lower arms and legs with his whole hand and said does this hurt, well yes it did. But he never pushed on any tender points, he
    said my nuero was kinda on the right track but said I had
    Diffuse myofacial pain syndrome not fibro and that MPS went
    along more with the migraines, etc. I just thought it was strange that he diagnoised me with MPS and didnot even push
    on tender points or consider that it might be Fibro too.
    Any ideas?
    I think this is a great message board I have enjoyed lurking.
    I am from Mid Missouri and I am 45 years old.
  2. starstella

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    that the rheumy will extend the diagnosis to include FM after seeing you a few more times. i was never diagnosed strictly by tender point tests, the diagnosis came after eliminating other causes for my symptoms. I have MPS symptoms but no doc ever officially diagnoses me with symptoms all seem to be lumped into the FM diagnosis. maybe the rheumy just wanted to show his/her knowledge by coming up with a different diagnosis! LOL :)
    you symptoms sound like FM to me.
  3. Bum

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    I just think that it's weird that the neuro sends me to a Rhuemy for a consultation for FM and he didnot even check the tender points for FM. The Rheumy told me he thought it was MPS and that he would recommend Biofeedback therapy, and Physical therapy and take some more blood and send the results of the bloodwork to Nuero and he made no future appointment with him. I guess he thinks my nero will follow it , Strange?